message from the headmaster


It is a privilege to serve as the Headmaster of a school that exceeds expectations and where students are excelling at all levels and programs. Brook Hill provides a Christ-centered environment that engages the intellect, affirms and challenges the potential, and helps develop Christ-like character in each student. Top academics, championship athletics, enriching fine arts, beautiful facilities, and dedicated faculty are some of the many reasons we believe Brook Hill offers a one-of-a-kind education. Our goal is to honor Christ in all we do and to help parents with the task of preparing their children for the future while equipping them with a Biblical worldview. I feel very fortunate to be a part of a school that is accomplishing so much while following a vision that strives for continual improvement. The Brook Hill School refuses to settle for “average.” I am proud of all that is happening and excited that even greater things lie ahead.

I’d like to invite you to consider The Brook Hill School for your child’s education. Education plays an important role in shaping a child’s future, and we would like to partner with you as you “train up” your own children. When my family moved here twelve years ago we saw that Brook Hill was a school where “quality education” and “Christian education” went hand-in-hand. I believe that a thoroughly Christ-centered school can also provide a comprehensive, quality, college-preparatory education – a combination that is incredibly rare in schools today. Brook Hill has done just that – something that as the Brook Hill Headmaster I am proud of, and as a Brook Hill parent I am thankful for!

We have designed this web site in a way that should give you a glimpse into The Brook Hill School. There is no way, however, that it can ever give you a full picture as we truly are a community made of up quality teachers, students and families. Because of this I encourage you to come by for a tour, visit our campus, and find out for yourself all that Brook Hill has to offer.

Blessings to you,

Rod Fletcher,


Designed for Dignity

January 27,

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: Twenty-five years ago, while I was in Seminary, someone introduced me to the book Designed for Dignity by Richard Pratt.  Although I don’t remember every argument Pratt made in this book, I will never forget the title and his main point: each person is “designed for dignity” and […]

Senior Transitions

January 06,

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: One of the privileges of being the Headmaster at The Brook Hill School is the opportunity to teach a course called “Senior Transitions” to students during the spring semester of their senior year.  The course provides students the opportunity to encounter, observe and reflect on a variety of […]


December 09, 2016

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: My wife, Heather, recently had the opportunity to share a few thoughts at the Brook Hill Mom’s Annual Ornament Exchange. As the world is counting down the shopping days left until Christmas, Heather reminds us that during this busy season, really only “one thing is needed”. I found […]

Brook Hill seniors lead with Christ-like love

November 11, 2016

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: When Kayla Gomez-Orozco went missing, it shocked and grieved the entire East Texas Community. People from every walk of life banded together to search and pray for her safe return. Then, on Saturday, as the tragic news broke that Kayla’s body had been found in Bullard, time stopped. […]

A Different Kind of School Produces a Different Kind of Graduate

September 30, 2016

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: From time to time I get encouraging letters and emails from Alumni sharing updates, success stories, or simply letting me know that they are grateful for their Brook Hill education.  Those communications are a true gift to a Headmaster.  One of the measures of a school is their […]

Hop on the Brook Hill Bus!

September 22, 2016

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: Brook Hill is growing, and we’re working to make our school even better as we continue to put the needs of our families first. As you have probably heard, we started morning bus runs from south Tyler and Jacksonville for our students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, helping […]

Never Forget. Let’s Roll!

September 16, 2016

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: Any adult remembers exactly where they were when they began hearing and watching the horrible events unfold on September 11, 2001.  I’ll never forget the moment during that day when I learned that one of my college roommates, Todd Beamer, had been on Flight 93.  Over the next […]

A Beautiful Pursuit

September 09, 2016

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: It was 2004 and Heather and I felt God’s calling in our lives to seek a position as the head of a Christ-centered college preparatory school. Several schools sent material including a small school in a small town in East Texas – The Brook Hill School. As materials […]

The Guard Charge

September 02, 2016

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: We started saying The Guard Charge as a school two years ago, but it is something I’ve spoken about for years. It is something I’ve said to my boys every night since they were little, and it is something I hope every member of The Brook Hill Family […]

Guard Dogs Then & Now

August 26, 2016

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: Whenever I get the chance, I tell Brook Hill students and families to get involved. One of the best ways to maximize the Brook Hill experience is to take advantage of all the opportunities available. Academics, athletics, the arts, clubs, spirit programs, etc. Because we are family, it’s […]

Prepared for College. Prepared for Life.

August 05, 2016

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster: As we prepare to launch into another school year, we are ultimately gearing up to prepare students to thrive academically, spiritually, physically and socially.  As a college prep school we are preparing students for college acceptance and also to thrive as a college student.  Our curriculum does just […]