At Brook Hill we strive to develop the whole student. A balance of instruction is offered so that students grow in knowledge, skills, and wisdom through the perspective of a biblical worldview. This strong balance contributes to the academic success that abounds at Brook Hill.


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Whether one is gifted academically, artistically or athletically, the students at Brook Hill are provided countless opportunities to be challenged: Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses, vocal and instrumental music programs, theater and visual arts classes plus a full complement of sports and interest-based clubs. Even outside of the traditional academic arena, students will find opportunities to achieve success.

In all facets of the educational experience – from the classroom to the practice field to the stage – Brook Hill students are continuously challenged to grow in Christ-like character. At the core of Brook Hill’s mission is the desire to prepare students for life including worldview training through Bible classes, Chapel and other leadership, service and social opportunities.


Brook Hill represented at The Rotary Club

April 21,

Jeffrey Sonola, Heather McLarry, Julianna Newman and Landry Groves were honored recently at the Rotary Club of Tyler’s annual Tyler Rotary Young Citizen’s Club Banquet at the University of Texas at Tyler Ornelas Activity Center. Students were chosen based on exceptional practices of citizenship, cleanliness, thriftiness, loyalty, courtesy, honesty, service, dependability, sportsmanship, scholarship and leadership. […]

Middle School designs mouse trap cars

April 21,

Mrs. Wallace’s class tested the distance of their race cars in the hallway this week during class. They were able to let their cars race twice and seemed to have a ton of fun while doing it.

Pre-K went outside for library class

April 21,

Pre-K library classes went on a nature walk after reading several stories about springtime and gardens. Students recorded observations as they found rocks, flowers, leaves, soil and sticks. They also found a few insects and a forgotten, left behind Easter egg.

Second grade learns about water cycles

April 21,

Second grade completed a model of the water cycle for them to hang and measure in their classrooms using all of their scientific method skills to measure evaporation.

Teacher of the Year: Shannan McEuen

April 13,

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year, Shannan McEuen. “I love my students,” McEuen said. “I’ve been at Brook Hill a long time. I love the atmosphere. I love the fact that we have chapel. We can love on our kids and teach them about Jesus and still teach them about other stuff too.”

Graphing Peeps and Jelly beans in Pre-K

April 13,

In Mrs Haugh’s Pre-K class, they sorted and graphed Jelly beans according to their color. The class then ate them, of course. They also used their five senses to analysis Peeps. They smelled, touched, listened to and ate them. Afterwards, they were able to use the promethean board and graph to see if they liked them or […]

Heart flutters

April 13,

From the desk of Celia Tucker, Academic College Counselor: It is a mystery. I don’t know how to explain it, but it happens all of the time. I can be in a sea of people and all of a sudden I see someone from Brook Hill and my heart flutters. It happened again last night […]

Finish Strong

April 12,

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director: To me it seems hard to believe we are talking about the finish of this school year. Just like it always seems to do, this year has flown by. However, it is not over yet, and even though we can all feel the warmth of the Texas […]

Racing cars are being built in Mrs. Wallace’s class

April 12,

Eighth graders are starting to build mousetrap cars in science class. First, students completed an exploration lab of different mousetrap car designs made of all different materials. Then, they planned and designed their mousetrap car along with needed materials. Today, in class, students began to follow their plans and build their cars. Students are applying […]

Guard Junior Scholars Set School Records at the 2017 PSIA District Academic Meet

April 10,

PSIA District competition for grades 1-8 began early Friday, March 24, 2017. Students from 13 schools began to trickle in around 7:30. Students checked in with their school and then the hunt for rivals was on. They met and talked like old friends. But with a wish of “Good Luck” everyone was back on task…Win! […]