At Brook Hill we strive to develop the whole student. A balance of instruction is offered so that students grow in knowledge, skills, and wisdom through the perspective of a biblical worldview. This strong balance contributes to the academic success that abounds at Brook Hill.


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Whether one is gifted academically, artistically or athletically, the students at Brook Hill are provided countless opportunities to be challenged: Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses, vocal and instrumental music programs, theater and visual arts classes plus a full complement of sports and interest-based clubs. Even outside of the traditional academic arena, students will find opportunities to achieve success.

In all facets of the educational experience – from the classroom to the practice field to the stage – Brook Hill students are continuously challenged to grow in Christ-like character. At the core of Brook Hill’s mission is the desire to prepare students for life including worldview training through Bible classes, Chapel and other leadership, service and social opportunities.


Second graders learn about living and non-living things

October 06,

Second Grade students learned about living and non-living things in science. Each student brought a fruit or vegetable to class on Friday. The students classified each food item into the six parts of plants-flower, stem, root, seed, fruit and leaf. Then students tasted each food item and recorded whether they liked it or not. Many […]

Emerging Leaders Conference

October 06,

From the desk of Celia Tucker, College Counselor: Student leaders from around East Texas were invited to share in the excitement, be inspired, get motivated and develop a plan of action to improve their own campus at The Emerging Leaders Conference hosted by The University of Texas at Tyler. Students were guided through core leadership […]

Tyler Area Christian College Fair

October 06,

From the desk of Celia Tucker, College Counselor: Dozens of top Christian colleges & universities from around the US and Canada were in town recently at the Tyler Area Christian College Fair. The Fair was free, open to the public and included a financial aid workshop. Many Brook Hill students attended the Fair making contacts […]

Organization 101: One key to success

October 06,

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director: Success is often defined differently depending on factors such as age, season of life, culture and personal expectations. For some, success means happiness; for others it may be wealth or job title. Yet, one key to success no matter how you define it is organization. On Tuesday […]

Bohr models in 8th grade science class

October 06,

To help students better understand subatomic particles in the atom, 8th graders have been building Bohr models of different atoms using beans and peas. Once the model was checked and found to be correct, students then drew pictures and made electron dot diagrams for each atom studied. Students were constantly heard saying , “This  makes so […]

Lower School students are practicing their self portraits

September 29,

Kindergarten and 1st graders are in the process of making a monochromatic self-portrait with lines in the background. Each class has been assigned a different color of the rainbow to color their artworks. Once all the classes have completed their art, the portraits will make a giant rainbow display. The first couple of days we […]

Many of our Community Helpers came to school today

September 29,

Today, many of our community helpers drove their emergency vehicles onto our campus to teach Pre-K and Kindergarten students about what they do in their job. Our students were able to crawl through the back of a police car, get their heartrate checked in the back of an ambulance, walk through a smoke house and […]

Fourth graders play hide-and-seek in the AFM

September 27,

Mrs. Ponce’s fourth grade students trekked to the American Freedom Museum to play a not-so-classic game of hide-and-seek.  Mrs. Bynum, museum guide and educator, directed the lesson “Texas Hide-and-Seek”.  A lesson sheet was given to each pair of students with facts about Texas and famous Texans throughout U.S. history.  Instead of the students hiding the […]

Eighth graders make models to learn different theories

September 22,

Eighth grade is making models of each of the different atomic theories. Students used Play Doh, Petri dishes, beans and peas to illustrate each idea and students had to name the scientist whose theory each model represented. A good concrete way to learn the different theories.

Fifth graders learn about the Armor of God

September 22,

In fifth grade, we study the passage in Ephesians about putting on the armor of God. Emma Davis took it upon herself to make a life size rendition. In the picture, she is wearing her helmet of salvation, belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness! Thanks, Emma, for giving your class a wonderful visual of […]

Pre-K learns the letter A

September 22,

This week in Pre-K, students are learning about the letter A, and we were also discussing Our Pets. The students brought pictures of their pets, we graphed them and discuss how many different kinds of pets we all had. On Friday we made puppy chow, and the kids enjoyed it. There are many things that start […]

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