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A weekly message from the Athletic Director

“ALL ORANGE…All The Time”

I have been asked this question regarding Brook Hill on numerous occasions.

It’s not the “how much homework do the students receive” question, or the “how much does it cost”, and it’s not even the question of “when are ya’ll starting Lacrosse”?

Even though I do get asked each of those questions.

The question I enjoy receiving the most is this;

What is the hardest thing about going to school at Brook Hill?

My response is simply this; “The hardest thing about going to school at Brook Hill… is if you ever have to leave it”.

In 2008, I retired from teaching and coaching after being at Whitehouse for the 21 previous years.

It was a tough decision.  My blood was maroon & white, and I thought I would always be a Whitehouse Wildcat.  But it was time for a change, and after 30 years in public schools, Brook Hill seemed like the place to go.

One of the main reasons I chose Brook Hill over a couple of other “tempting” public school offers, was because everyone I asked about the school consistently said “good people…good people…good people”.

I have found that to not only be true, but to be a consistent thread that runs through the Administration, the faculty, the parents, and the students.

I tell people all the time that Brook Hill is the way “school used to be”.

Prayer in the classroom…respect for teachers…disciplined students…a close knit community.

And it is so true.

There are other reasons I think Brook Hill is so special.  If you visit here, you will see it is a calm place.

Oh, our kids have fun all right, and the school spirit of our students is exciting, but you just get the feeling here that the people…teachers, students, coaches, principals…are about their business in a serious, yet relaxed way.

Brook Hill is also a safe place.

At Brook Hill, we pray every day that God will keep bad things and bad people from harming our school. And there is a sense of confidence in that God is and God will honor that request.  The faculty and staff really care about the students and not only nurture them, but also are very protective of our students Pre-K through 12th grade.

Then there is the environment at Brook Hill.

The environment here is one that fosters and promotes learning.  The atmosphere at BH is conducive to students realizing their potential and achieving their goals.  There is just a feeling you get from being here that the sky is the limit for our students.

And, a really big thing at Brook Hill, is making sure that when our students graduate from high school that they are truly prepared to go to college.  Honestly?  Does it make good sense for a child to spend their formative years attending school and not be prepared to attend college?

Brook Hill students are realizing success as members of some of the top college and universities across the country!

When you look at the Brook Hill School, you see a place where children thrive.  Spiritually, Academically, and Athletically.

Now in my 8th year as the Athletic Director, I have noticed that I now bleed Orange, and I consider myself to be a member of “The Guard” for life.

And that’s another reason to be “ALL ORANGE…All The Time”!

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