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“ALL ORANGE…All The Time”


The young knight in shining armor stands high on a hill just outside of the glorious city.  It is almost sunset, and it is here that he will meet the fire breathing monster that has been terrorizing locals for hundreds of years.  The brave, confident warrior awaits the arrival of the murderous beast.  Although a bit nervous…he remains hopeful, that his fate is not the same as countless others who were bold enough to challenge the roaming man eater.

It is at that very moment when the enormous animal appears.  He is green and black in color with large sharp teeth, venomous hot breath, and wielding a tail that thrashes, spreading deadly poisonous venom.  In what seems like an instant, the overmatched challenger is dwarfed by the size, strength, power and of the flying carnivore.  Suddenly, the defense offered up by the sword and shield, as well as knightly courage, becomes mere cannon fodder for the dragon, and the odds prove to be insurmountable.

In the blink of an eye, victory has seemingly escaped another valiant “wannabe hero”.

In life, when the odds are stacked against the good guys, we all have a tendency to pull for the underdog.  Perhaps it is because we have all been in the underdog’s shoes.

Is there anyone reading this old enough to remember the cartoon show entitled “Underdog”?

As this cape crusader would arrive on the scene, he would announce his presence with bravado proclaiming “Underdog Is Here to Save the Day!

I think we can all relate to situations unfolding that no matter what the odds, we believe that somehow, we will find a way to “Save the Day”.

Maybe that’s why we enjoy watching all the feel good movies i.e. The Bad News Bears (original version), Rocky, and Remember The Titans, just to name a few.

Since most of us have at one time or another faced insurmountable odds, we not only can relate to these films, but we have been the star of a similar show.

We like it when good overcomes evil.  We believe the guys in the white hats will win.  We have faith and hope that the bad guy will be defeated, no matter how dire the situation truly is.

Many times, I have placed myself in these dire, hypothetical situations, which although having been a defeat for many, will not be the undoing of myself.

The Titanic…Survivor…Beating Kentucky!

Sadly enough, reality has taught us that we don’t always come out on top.  It is virtually impossible to win every time. 

Michael Jordan (in my opinion), was and still is the greatest basketball player of all time.  However, Michael Jordan lost plenty of games, and was even cut from his high school JV Basketball Team.

I consider Abraham Lincoln as one of our best presidents, and yet he lost countless elections before actually winning the presidency.

Even the best…lose.  Even the most talented…come up short.  Even those who have worked the hardest and prepared the most…fail.

One of the things we have a hard time admitting is “SOMETIMES THE DRAGON WINS”.

We all have hope in the knight’s ability, chivalry, and resolve.  Yet sometimes regardless of his efforts, or his preparation, or his desire to defeat the dragon…he falls short. 

The “dragon winning” however, does offer us a window into the soul of the defeated.

It seems you can learn the most about people when you see how they respond in the middle of tough times.  You learn a lot about folks when you witness their reaction to a tough loss.  You can tell a lot about a person when you see how they act when they don’t get what they wanted.

As Brook Hill Coaches we prepare our student athletes for victory…as well as defeat.  We Feel a sense of responsibility to encourage them to win with humility, and to lose with grace. 

We emphasize team…not individuals.  We stress the need to work hard even to have the chance of being successful.  We encourage loyalty to family, teammates, and school.

All the while knowing that “SOMETIMES THE DRAGON WINS”.

But if the dragon does win, we keep our heads held high.  Our will is not deterred.  We will prepare to fight another day. 

And while holding fast to the resolve of never giving up, and at the same time persevering through what seems to be unbearable times, we prepare for the day when we will face the dragon again.


Then one day, in a land far away, after centuries of torture by an evil, winged, fire breathing dragon, a member of The Guard climbed to the top of the highest mountain.  And once atop the mountain, he reached down and picked up a stone…an orange stone, and he patiently waited for the evil beast.

All of a sudden, the dreaded dragon appeared breathing fire and hot vapor while possessing rotten breath.  The member of The Guard took the orange stone and he flung it and it slayed the dragon.  The nasty, ugly, awful monster lay dead after smashing to the ground.

Finally…the beast was no more.

And all the peoples in all the land shouted “Hail to The Guard…Hail to The Mighty Brook Hill Guard”.

And they all lived happily ever after!

And that’s another reason to be “ALL ORANGE”…All The Time!

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