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“ALL ORANGE…All The Time”


Garland Texas was the site for the U.I.L. class AAAA Boys North Regional Basketball Championships in 2008.

Being the Head Boys Basketball Coach at Whitehouse, I knew to get to Austin for the State Championship, you had to go through South Oak Cliff.  Dallas South Oak Cliff was three time defending State Champions and ranked as the #1 Team in the state.  However, the Whitehouse Wildcats were no slouch either.  For the second year in a row we were 31-1 and ranked in the top 5 going into the final two weeks of the season.  After both teams posted wins in their respective Area Championship Games, the meeting with the Golden Bears was set.

In that regional game with South Oak Cliff, and mid-way through the 3rd quarter, an errant shot by a Wildcat player bounced up high off the rim.  Once the ball reached its highest point above the goal, 6’6 Shooting Guard Kyle Ford from Whitehouse “went ozone on em” and with two hands slammed the ball through the basket, giving the Wildcats a 12 point lead.  It appeared that there was going to be a new sheriff in town, and the maroon and white would possibly be headed to Austin.


I have coached hundreds of players over the past 36 years.  Many of them were outstanding offensive players, some were defensive standouts.  Others were great athletes but their behavior disqualified them from being on a Wally Dawkins coached team.  A few had the ability, but did not take care of their business in the classroom.

Kyle Ford was the complete package.  He was a tremendous athlete.  At 6’6 he could grab a dollar bill off the top of the backboard, and leave some change before he came back down.  Kyle could shoot the ball as well as any kid I ever coached, and his length caused opposing offenses all kinds of problems if they attempted to dribble or pass the ball around him.  He was one of the few players who really loved to practice and was an excellent team player along with being a straight “A” student.  Kyle signed a NCAA D-1 Basketball Scholarship with Nicholls State and decided upon Marine Biology as his major field of study.

Kyle Ford was also one of the most spiritual kids I ever worked with.  A devout Christian, Kyle was a great example for his teammates, and his character was above reproach. 

Kyle went on to play 4 years of college basketball, received a degree in Biology, and after playing professionally for a year in Israel, he returned to East Texas.

Today, I am very proud to say, Kyle Ford is a new Biology teacher and coach at The Brook Hill School.

Kyle is the type of young man parents want their kids to be around.  His knowledge and ability will make him an excellent classroom teacher, and a solid coach in the sports of Cross Country and Basketball.

As a coach, I am very proud that I had the privilege of Kyle Ford calling me “coach”. 

As a coach, it’s always a blessing to see your ex-players return, especially when they have done well for themselves.

I had the distinct honor of being an Assistant Coach for Whitehouse Hall of Fame Coach C.L. Nix.  One of the many things I learned from Coach Nix was his philosophy that it was a coach’s job to make sure that “you do all you can to make sure that your players turn out to be good citizens.”  I’ve always remembered that, an integrated it into my coaching and Athletic Director philosophy.

Kyle Ford has certainly turned out to be a good citizen, and he will have a great impact on our school and the Brook Hill student body.

Kyle is fortunate in that he joins three Brook Hill alums who are also doing a great work at Brook Hill.  Landry Humphries is in Admissions recruiting students from all over the world to come to BH while Jenny Anderson works in The Development Office, and Erica Eden Mattay is teaching Humanities and coaching.  These young people will almost certainly be some of the next leaders of The Brook Hill School, while currently helping to mold and shape its future.

My wife Laurie calls it “the circle of life”.  It is an amazing thing to be able to watch the kids you taught or coached come back, and now be called “teacher” or known as “the coach”.

Truly Kyle, Landry, Jenny, and Erica have come full circle.


Now back to the playoff game.  With a 12 point lead and 4 minutes remaining in the 3rd Quarter, apparently and according to many of the Wildcat faithful, the Whitehouse Coach (yours truly), woke up and started coaching.  The result was a last second loss to Dallas South Oak Cliff who went on to again be crowned as AAAA State Champions.

The loss was tough to swallow.  We had the game won…and we let it get away.

 It was the last game that I would coach at Whitehouse.  It was the last game I would coach Kyle Ford.

But lucky for me, I will again be able to see Kyle Ford on my team’s bench. This time as a young coach and as a member of The Brook Hill Guard Family.  Now it’s Kyle’s turn to make sure his players turn out to be good citizens.

And that’s another reason to be

“ALL ORANGE”…All The Time!




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