Lower School


Community Helpers Visit Kindergarten

September 17, 2013

Emergency personnel from ETMC, police officers, and Dr. Freimer recently paid special visits to Brook Hill Kindergarten students. Our Kindergarten students learned how community helpers keep them healthy and safe!

PreK Studies Octopus

September 12, 2013

Thursday our PreK classes studied their 5 senses as they observed an Octopus! Our students drew pictures of the Octopus and came up with some very funny answers to a questionnaire about our 5 senses. Our bravest students even tasted “Octopus” (Calamari)!

Lower School Cheer Gets Fired Up

September 06, 2013

Lower School cheer under new Cheer Coach Tiffany Hubbard got off to a great start on Wednesday Sept. 4th with 42 girls in the program

Lower School Library

August 31, 2013

Third Grade Students visited the Brook Hill Lower School Library and made discoveries about the library by completing an “I Spy” game scavenger hunt!

Mrs. Haugh’s class Visits Bullard Fire Department

August 30, 2013

Mrs Haugh’s Kindergarten students learned about fire safety and how to crawl through the smoke house when the Bullard Fire Department visited Brook Hill Lower School. Entering the Smoke House

Fire Department Visits PreK Class

August 30, 2013

The Bullard Fire Department visited Mrs. Bell’s PreK class this week! They learned to not be afraid of fire fighters and under that scary mask is a real person who wants to help them! Our students learned survival steps in a fire. They also enjoyed the fruit smelling smoke house and learned to crawl through […]

First Grade Watermelon Picnic

August 28, 2013

First grade celebrated the end of the first week with a watermelon and bubble picnic. We bubble painted and wrote about wish bubbles. We measured watermelons and even tested to see if they would sink or float! We compared them and decided that while they are different in many ways they are both fun!

First Day Jitters!

August 28, 2013

On the first day of school, second grade read the book First Day Jitters, by Julie Danneberg. The story is about Sarah Jane Hartwell, who is scared about starting at a new school and meeting new students. She tried everything to get out of going to school, but Mr. Hartwell makes her go and assures […]

First Day of School

August 21, 2013

What a great first day! Our students met their teachers, made new friends, worshiped God, and even managed to have a little fun! We’re excited about this new year and the opportunities it holds for us!