Middle School


The first elf day in Ornelas Hall

December 08,

This week class ended a little early for our first “Elf Day.” Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Smith dressed up like Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell, and everyone got to eat cookies and play board games together.

Middle School students engineer slow roller coasters in science lab

December 08,

Eighth graders were challenged to build the “slowest” roller coaster in science class using only four sentence strips and tape. Roller coasters were required to have at least 5 ramps, a tunnel, a trapdoor and a surprise. This had to be accomplished in one class period along with running five trial runs with a marble. […]

7th grade boys sing at The Height of Tyler

December 08,

On Tuesday, the 7th grade boys’ choir went to The Height of Tyler to sing a Christmas concert for the residents. The boys sang a variety of Christmas tunes such as Deck the Hall, I’m Getting Nuttin’ for Christmas and a medley of familiar carols.

Middle School Fall Field Night

December 01,

Last night was our annual Middle School Fall Field night organized by Coach Wilson. Our middle school students played Capture the Flag and got a free snack and drink from the concession stand.

Physical and chemical changes in the form of GAK

November 16,

Eighth graders have been studying physical and chemical changes and physical and chemical properties in science class. As a summative activity, students made GAK following a certain formula. During the experiment, students were watching for changes in matter as well as properties. Some groups were successful in making the product and some were not due […]

Middle School Choir Fall Concert

November 16,

On Monday night, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade choir students presented a Fall Concert for their parents and other guests. Beginning the concert were the students finishing up their rotation in choir, as part of the fine arts rotation schedule for all 6th graders. The students narrated and sang a program highlighting folk songs […]

Basketball season is upon us

November 16,

These girls played a great game on Monday night against Longview Christian. They hustled and came together to play as a team. “We came out with a big win 14-6,” Coach Simmons said. “We will play in Murchison on November 16. I’m excited to see these girls grow this season!”

Middle School humanities classes are building newspapers

November 16,

7th grade humanities is doing a Texas Revolutionary War project.  We just finished reading a book called The Boy in the Alamo, in which the story is based during this time frame.  So to bring the story to light, as well as, integrate technology, we decided to challenge the students to use their artistic side […]

Eighth grade science students make bouncy balls

November 16,

As a culminating activity of physical and chemical changes in 8th grade science, students were given a chemical engineering challenge: make a bouncy ball that bounces the highest. First, students followed a set recipe that should have resulted in a working bouncy ball. Then students were challenged to alter the ratios in the recipe to […]

Mr. Johnson mixes basketball and math

November 15,

Mr. Johnson’s math class is studying ratios and using basketball to write ratios. Shots made or shots missed – it’s all in the form!

Choir students perform at Mistletoe and Magic

November 13,

On November 9, the Brook Hill Upper School and Middle School Choirs performed their annual concert at Mistletoe and Magic in Tyler. This event is sponsored each year by the Tyler Junior League and benefits several charities and organizations in the Tyler area. The choirs sang a variety of Christmas carols and songs to entertain […]

Congratulations to our choir students!

November 10,

Over the past month, several Middle and Upper school choir students have competed at the Texas Music Educator’s Association All Region Choir contests. The students have competed with mostly public school students, along with a few private schools from all over East Texas. Earning spots in the various all region choirs are: MS Tenor Bass […]