SPARC Internships

April 01, 2014

Students who participated in parent/student led mission trips, internships, and college trips concluded SPARC week last night in the Lecture Hall with cookies, soft drinks, and presentations. When we turned out the light and walked out the door we felt like we had been a doctor, a lawyer, a veterinarian, a reporter, a journalist, a […]

Beauty from the Inside Out

March 27, 2014

This SPARC group focused on finding our identity in Christ instead of what the world says we should do or how we should look. Each day had a different focus. Monday’s was poise, fashion, make-up, hair, etc…Guest speaker, Doug Conn, has spent his career in the modeling and pageant business, training young girls to be […]

Mere Masculinity – Catalina Island

March 25, 2014

    Twenty-four young men from Brook Hill experienced the week of a lifetime along with Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Rhoads.  On Catalina Island at Campus by the Sea, an Intervarsity camp, this crew of 26 arrived by way of the Catalina Express on Monday, March 17th and began their adventure.  The theme for the week was Mere […]

Behind The Scenes

March 25, 2014

    The Behind the Scenes SPARC group learned all about the many different avenues possible in the athletic/sporting industry after a player is done competing. After all, every athletic career comes to an end, so what is there for those who are passionate about athletics and the sporting industry when competing on the field […]

Mountain Woman Adventure

March 25, 2014

  The Intention: This SPARC course was meant to be a fun time in the natural world to realize ourselves as God’s perfect creations…well, it only exceeded those expectations. Our journey to the Arkansas Ozarks was a trek that proved inner strength and beauty beyond our original plan—which is how God usually works. Each day […]

Fundamentals of Coaching

March 25, 2014

  For the Fundamentals of Coaching SPARC we traveled to three colleges and got to meet with the respective coaches from each. First, we toured the facilities at Tyler Junior College and got to see some of the best Junior College athletic facilities in the country while also getting to visit with TJC women’s soccer […]

Washington DC: Christianity and Our Founding Fathers

March 25, 2014

During SPARC 2014 a group of Brook Hill 8th grade students had the opportunity to see firsthand that America is a Christian nation founded on Biblical principles. The 17 students and 6 sponsors and chaperones were privileged to visit such places as Mt. Vernon, the Holocaust museum, and Ford’s Theater.  Although they had to view […]

Hill Country Hiking

March 22, 2014

    Hill Country Hiking began with a trip to the Waco Mammoth Site outside of Waco.  Students were given a tour and taught about what scientists believe happened to the Columbian Mammoths whose fossil remains were found in that area.  Afterward, students were given a chance to look for fossils in a bucket of […]


March 21, 2014

This week Brook Hill students expanded their horizons across East Texas, our nation, and the world. But our students didn’t just travel to new places, they gained new experiences. Students saw new things and learned new skills. They went hiking, fishing, and sightseeing, but they also created books, wrote stories, and captured memories – all the […]