Middle School science takes class outside

December 12,

The 6th graders participated in an outdoor science lesson called “Nature Sleuths.” In this activity, the students were challenged to use their observation skills to find different items in nature, such as examples of camouflage, predators, and cycles. The purpose of this activity was to stretch students’ comprehension by challenging them to apply the science […]

Blanket Drive for Chick-fil-A Leader Academy

December 12,

  This year, our school is honored to be a part of the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy. We have thirty members who consist of our Upper School students that are eager to serve our community through this organization. Mission: Students will impact their local communities through a project based leadership approach, all while learning crucial leadership […]

The Mavs defeat the Rockets…

December 12,

…and the boarding students were there to be a part of it. This past Saturday night a group of boarding students traveled to Dallas to cheer on the Mavs and watch the moves of James Harden as they battled the Rockets for a real nail biter in the American Airlines Center. For some this was […]

Middle and Upper School Christmas Chapel

December 12,

The Upper and Middle School Student Body and Faculty all enjoyed a special chapel this past Wednesday.  The Christmas story was read by different students throughout each chapel.  The Show Choir followed them with two fantastic and fun songs that everyone enjoyed.  After them the orchestra performed two remarkable traditional pieces.  And we closed out […]

The Stock Market Game

December 12,

From the desk of Jonathan Kegler, Lower School Principal: This program was introduced by Mr. Bart Lane, a parent of two of our Lower School students. After the program was introduced we sent out an informational sheet to see who would be interested in joining our newly formed club. We received feedback from about 22 […]

Ozbots at the Lower School library

December 12,

Ozobots are small robots that can be basically coded to travel and change lights using markers with color sequences added for specific actions. Students will learn how to operate Ozobot, how Ozobot senses its environment and moves in it, and how to tell Ozobot what to do using Color Codes Ozobots can also be coded […]

Reality Fair

December 05,

This week, our seniors participated in a Reality Fair. The Credit Union came to campus and helped us set up booths for the students to walk past and figure out their imaginary budget for things like food, clothing and rent expenses based on their imaginary salary.

Building Winter Memories

December 05,

Our middle schoolers had a fun memory builder night last week were they played outside, drank hot chocolate, made Gingerbread houses and watched the movie “Elf.”

Marketing classes go to the museum!

December 05,

Our Marketing class visited the Museum last week and created marketing plans for products used throughout American History using methods that were only available at the time.   Today, our Marketing class worked in teams to create commercials for their fictitious products using Brook Hill’s green screen!

Business Principles students present in class

December 05,

Over the last few weeks, Business Principles students have collaborated to create a new business concept, applying the ideas they’ve learned about in class to solidify a full business plan. Today, our students presented their ideas in class for their peers and further refined their plans as they gained feedback from one another. Have you […]

Lower School Cheer

November 14,

Our Guard Cheerleaders have been working with the future Brook Hill cheerleaders all season! They had their last practice before senior night.