8th Grade Algebra Visits Museum

Commodore John Paul Jones was born in Scotland in 1742. He died in 1792. He began his naval “career” at the age of 13 and became captain by the time he was 21. During the American Revolution, Commodore Jones and his ship the Bohomme Richard defeated the British ironclad Serapis on September 25, 1779. It was the first victory of the Continental Navy over Great Britain and made Jones an American hero and a Pirate to the British! How old was Commodore Jones when he died and how many years did he spend at sea? What proportion of his life was spent at sea? How many hours did the battle take and what percent of those hours did the Bonhomme Richard spend sinking? These are the kinds of questions that the 8th grade students in Ivan Johnson’s Algebra class found the answers to while taking the “Solving History’s Mysteries” lab in the Museum. They were challenged to solve 3 mysteries from a story board in a gallery that they were interested in. Questions were asked, formulas were created, and Mysteries were Solved!

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