Boarding Student Arrival Info

Boarding Students & Families,

We are eager to welcome you to campus for the 20-21 school year! 

The global pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives and has changed how we learn, travel, and form world-wide relationships. It is also changing how we approach this new school year and we wanted to provide you with the most up-to-date information.



Originally we planned for new students to arrive on August 6 and returning students to arrive on August 9 with the first day of school set for Wednesday, August 12.

In order to give our faculty and staff more time to prepare for our new protocols and also to give more time for international students to arrive, we are moving our first day of school to Wednesday, August 19. 

Here is our new schedule for arrival:

New Student Move-in: Thursday, August 13, 2020

Returning Student Move-in: Saturday, August 15, 2020

First Day of School: Wednesday, August 19



We are asking all students to arrive with a guardian or have plans to stay with a friend or relative upon their arrival to the USA and to stay with them for at least 3 days. After 3 days, we are requiring students to receive a COVID-19 test before coming to campus.


Negative Test Result:

If you receive a negative test result, you can come to campus!

All boarding students arriving in the USA from an international location must obtain a negative COVID-19 test result after their arrival to the USA. A negative test result is required before coming to campus, moving into the dorm, and attending classes for all students traveling internationally within 14 days of arrival.


Positive Test Result:

If a student tests positive, they must remain with their family or friend until they receive two negative test results.

If a student does not have family or friends to stay with, Brook Hill will find a safe residence off campus where the student may stay until he or she receives two negative test results.


How can I get testing?

Brook Hill is able to facilitate the required testing, which can be given in Tyler, Texas upon arrival. You are also able to obtain your own testing within the USA, pending approval by The Brook Hill School.


When should I arrive?

For new students, we suggest arriving in the USA on or before Sunday, August 9, 2020, with dorms opening on August 13, 2020.

For returning students, we suggest arriving in the USA on or before Tuesday, August 11, 2020, with dorms opening for them on August 15, 2020.


What If I can’t follow this protocol?

If you are not able to do so, please contact us in the Residence Life Office so that we can assist you in making alternative plans.


Travel Plans Form

If you already know your travel plans, please fill out this form.



Our Head of School, Rod Fletcher, announced our initial plans for health and safety during the school year. You can read about our protocols here.



Due to COVID-19, Brook Hill will NOT be allowing students to travel internationally during the school year, including breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break).

Students may stay with friends or family who live in the USA during these breaks.

If a student is not able to stay with friends or family, Brook Hill will provide supervision and accommodations for students during breaks at a price of $100/day. The price includes all food and entertainment for the break.

We know this may be difficult for you and your family, but it is our goal to keep your student safe and able to continue receiving a Brook Hill education for the entire year.

We will continue to monitor the situation throughout the year and if our policy changes, we will let students and families know right away. 



Due to travel restrictions and visa delays, some students may not be able to arrive for school in August. Brook Hill’s Distance Learning Program will be available for students in grades 8-12 affected by this situation.



Students who are not able to arrive on time due to government travel restrictions or visa delays will be able to continue learning from a distance. During this time, Brook Hill will offer a prorated refund of up to $650 a week.

If a student receives financial assistance, the refund amount will be prorated based upon the total tuition that student paid. Not all students receiving financial assistance will be able to qualify for a refund should they not meet the minimum tuition amount.

For all questions regarding prorated tuition and refunds, contact Travis Albea, Director of Boarding Admissions at



Should a boarding student test positive for the coronavirus, they will be relocated off campus and receive care from a trained monitor until they receive two negative test results and are cleared to move back into the houses. Additionally, our student health insurance covers medical expenses, so they will be able to get the medical attention they need, when they need it.



The Residence Life Program may make additional trips into town in order to reduce the number of passengers on any vehicle.  Before boarding any vehicle, students must use hand sanitizer.  Students may be required to wear masks on buses and vans. Students are asked to cough or sneeze into their sleeve, not touch other passengers, avoid touching their own faces and use hand sanitizer often.

After students have shopped or finished their entertainment, they will again use hand sanitizer upon entering the bus and continue practicing safety habits. Practicing safety habits has been proven as an effective measure to prevent the spread of all viruses, not just COVID-19.



We will be stressing the initial screening upon entrance to Brook Hill at the beginning of the school year, as well as instituting screening processes to start each school day, for as long as needed, in order to ensure that all those who come on campus are symptom free. By following this practice a more normal school and boarding experience can be enjoyed by students and staff alike. This will also allow students to live more normally in the dorms just as they have before.  We will still ask students to continue practicing good hygiene and safety behaviors. 



We will continue to offer on-campus events and activities as well as off-campus excursions. The Brook Hill School, in consultation with our Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC), will continuously monitor the local health conditions so that the best decisions are made to balance education, safety, and student life.



Brook Hill does not anticipate closing the campus or the boarding houses during the school year. If we do close, it will be because our government has mandated it or we believe that continuing to remain open would be detrimental to our community.

If we are forced to close our dorms, we will work with each student and family to either get them home or to friends or family in the USA. We will continue to provide distance learning should this scenario occur.



You will be receiving additional updates and communication from us as we get closer to the start of the school year.

As always, your child’s health and wellbeing is our top priority. We cannot wait to welcome your student to campus!


If you have any questions, please contact me at


All the best,

Shawn Rhoads

Director of Residence Life

Director of Campus Ministry

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