You control Banners from the Banner post type in the admin of WordPress. To separate banners into different groups, use “Banner set”. The set used on this page is called “Landing Page Test”. In the shortcode, you put the name of the set in the name= field.





Student To

Teacher Ratio







< >

Stats are grouped through the stats shortcode. each stat has three different elements. 1) stat value=. That is the number. 2) title1=. That is the orange field. 3) title2=. That is the blue field.


Apply Now

Buttons are simply “a” tags with class=”button” applied to the tag.




I spoke to the section shortcode a lot in my video. Please let me know if you have more questions. This may warrant a phone conversation. There’s a lot of moving parts here.


Blockquotes are simply a blockquote tag. In the visual editor, it is the tool with an icon that looks like quotation marks.



Another example of a section shortcode.


Another example of a section shortcode.

Header (H4)

This is the recent posts shortcode, used to feature recent posts on interior pages. You edit the copy here. Recent posts can be used inside of a section shortcode or independent. Here it is used inside of a section shortcode.

The recent posts shortcode has several fields. count= determines the number of posts shown. title= the heading for the shortcode area. layout= the direction as to what category or grouping of posts is featured. In this particular shortcode application, the layout= feature-oldest.


Column 1


This is an example of a three column section.


Column 2


In order to split content into columns, you will need to utilize the div tag. It can split a row into columns divided by percentages of 100 in increments of 5s. The exception is the grid you’re seeing here which is divided into percentages of 33, thirds.


Column 3


Examine this code and experiment if you like. Let me know if you want a phone call to talk through this too.




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