We Prepare Students for College, but Also For Life


As a private, Christian day and boarding school in Texas, Brook Hill’s diverse student body will challenge you to work with others. Our faculty at Brook Hill prepares students to excel academically and study at the college and university level. We emphasize three pillars: Education, Potential, and Character. We are more than students, athletes, and artists. We are a community using and discovering our gifts, talents, and abilities to engage God’s world.





As a college preparatory day and boarding school, Brook Hill cultivates students’ minds to think critically and creatively so that they are equipped to engage God’s world, not only in Tyler, Texas but around the globe.




Because Brook Hill is a private school, our smaller classes and individualized instruction help students discover what they’re good at and what they enjoy. We help students realize that potential as they grow into well-rounded individuals.




Being a Christian school doesn’t mean we sacrifice excellence or that we merely say a prayer at the beginning of class. The Christian worldview permeates everything we do at Brook Hill.



Brook Hill is The Premier Christian Day & Boarding School of East Texas.


Our beautiful 280 acre campus is nestled in Bullard, just south of Tyler, TX and north of Jacksonville, TX. We enroll students in Grades PreK-12 in our Day School and 8th-12th in our Boarding School.






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Lower School

The Brook Hill Lower School houses grades Pre-K through 5th. There are many options for elementary school in Tyler, Texas and the surrounding area, but our small class sizes, focused on individual needs to prepare students for college, sets our private school apart.

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Middle School

At the Brook Hill Middle School, our mission is simple: Prepare students for college and for life. We accomplish this through academic rigor, caring faculty, and a nurturing environment that keeps the Christian worldview front and center.

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Upper School

The faculty and staff at our upper school work diligently to prepare each student for the next level of their education, leading to success in college and beyond. As a Christian school, we strive to create a culture of genuine love and care.

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Boarding School

Brook Hill is a college-prep, Christian boarding school in Texas. You will learn and even live with students from around the world and have the opportunity to travel the globe - all while studying at a Christian school right here in Tyler, Texas.

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You can be, too

Our mission at Brook Hill is to provide excellence in college preparatory education, affirm the gifts and challenge the potential of each student, and encourage students to honor God through Christ-like character.





Physics Studies Motion Outside

August 23,

Today, the physics classes participated in the “Physics 500”.   Students worked with their teams to measure distance and time for a variety of different “races” (hopping on one leg, walking backward, heel-to-toe, skipping, etc.). Students then identified which races could be repeated over a longer distance with maximum consistency, and performed these races as […]

Equine Program Set for Spring 2020

August 23,

We are excited to be launching an equine program this spring, with the hopes of adding academic courses and a more robust program in the years to come. In case you missed our meeting, here are the highlights: Brook Hill will continue offering its Middle School Riding Club this spring in partnership with Peirce Equestrian. […]

4th Grade Summer Projects

August 23,

This summer, 4th grade students read Because of Wynn Dixie. After reading, students were tasked with creating a diorama that re-created a scene from the book. Students then added their own summary and presented their scene to their classmates. This project is designed to help students in a variety of ways: Improve reading comprehension Expand their […]

Kindergarten Creation Snacks

August 23,

This week Kindergarten students have been learning about creation.   To help them remember the days of creation, students made their own creation snacks! Together, the class made their own snack bag full of goodies to represent each day of creation. Oreo cookies to represent the light and the dark, goldfish to remember the fish […]

6th Grade Science Tests Soil

August 23,

To practice the scientific method, students tested to find the soil combination that would hold the most water.   First, students observed garden soil, peat moss and sand.  Next, they make 4 different combinations of the soils and poured water into a paper cup with holes in the bottom to collect water in a beaker.  […]

The Future is Bright

August 23,

HEADlines: A Message from the Head of School, Rod Fletcher The class of 2020 Senior Trip is in the books. I just had the privilege of spending a week with the Brook Hill Senior Class at an adventure camp in Glorieta, New Mexico. The weather was great, the views were stunning, and the activities were […]

Business Lab & Guard Shop Grand Opening

August 16,

The Business Lab and Guard Shop are now open! We held our Grand Opening on Monday, August 12, 2019 and can’t wait to get this school year started! Our new business lab will allow our students to gain real-life business experience. We have added a collaboration space and opened a new store called The Guard […]

Welcome Week for boarding students a success

August 16,

The Boarding Community is off and running. we had a great Welcome Week to kick off the new school year. Brand new students began arriving Thursday, August 8th and were taken through a number of orientation sessions and activities to get them Brook Hill ready (pictured). They were followed by returning students on Saturday the […]

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