12th Bible Visits Museum


“Reality is something you would not have guessed.” – C.S. Lewis.

Many men and women have found their faith tested throughout our nation’s history and during times of war. Many faced futility, conviction, helplessness, loss, fear of the unknown, forgiveness, hopelessness, no belief in God and persecution. Stan Ward’s 12th grade Bible classes visited the Museum this week for the “Faith Under Fire” lab and delved further into their study of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. They were challenged to focus on Mr. Lewis’ audience and the era of the Greatest Generation. They were given the task of composing a 3 paragraph essay answering questions like: How does your personal reality compare to the stories of the individuals in the Museum? Where do you find yourself in the Museum and how do you plan to apply C.S. Lewis’ arguments to your personal reality? Students began to realize that man’s attempt at peace is futile, but God is Sovereign and He can be trusted!