At The Brook Hill School, college guidance is rooted in the three pillars of our school’s mission: Education, Potential, and Character. By focusing on each of these areas, we prepare our students for academic life on our campus and for success at the collegiate level.



The Brook Hill School provides excellence in college preparatory education. Our students are challenged in the classroom and given a chance to be active participants in an advanced curriculum. With honors, pre-AP, AP, and college-level courses, our students have access to classes that encourage academic development. In addition, students work with our office to draft high school plans that will prepare them for their higher education goals.


The Brook Hill School affirms the gifts and challenges the potential of each student. Our students go beyond the classroom, putting into practice what they have learned. By participating in athletics, organizing service projects, mentoring younger students, and leading their peers, our students discover and develop their gifts through life experience. This experience sets our students apart and gives them an edge entering college.


The Brook Hill School encourages students to honor God through Christ-like character. Our students participate in weekly chapel services and Bible studies that challenge them to integrate faith and learning. Through classes taught with a Biblical worldview by Christian instructors, school-wide service projects, and Bible courses integrated into the curriculum, our students are encouraged to develop character on a daily basis. This character has a great impact on students’ futures. Colleges are looking for students who have built the character needed to make a positive impact on their campuses.

As a college preparatory school, The Brook Hill School recognizes that colleges are looking for dynamic students—students with academic success, potential, and character. Helping our students grow in each of these areas is both our desire and mission.

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