At The Brook Hill School, college guidance is rooted in the three pillars of our school’s mission: Education, Potential, and Character. By focusing on each of these areas, we prepare our students for academic life on our campus and for success at the collegiate level.


Academic Advising

The Brook Hill School provides excellence in college preparatory education. Our students are challenged in the classroom and given a chance to be active participants in an advanced curriculum.

Our college guidance counselors work with students every year to choose the right courses that will help them reach their academic goals. With honors, AP, college-level courses, and SAT & ACT prep classes, our students have access to classes that encourage academic development. Beyond the classroom, we provide the opportunity for our 9th-11th grade students to take the PSAT each year as practice for the SAT.

College Exposure

Our College Guidance program begins with an introduction to college life with day visits to college campuses beginning in middle school and continuing through 11th grade. Personal campus visits offer a glimpse into the different personality of each school and provide insight into what a student must do while in high school to become an attractive college applicant.

Throughout the school year, admissions counselors from colleges and universities all over the US visit with our students, many coming on campus. Time is built into the school day for students to meet personally with college representatives. This process creates familiarity between colleges, Brook Hill, and our students so that they are known by the college when they apply their senior year.

College Guidance

Brook Hill’s College Guidance Counselors meet individually with each student to not only determine their university and professional goals, but also help them discover various universities that are the best fit for them. Our counselors then help students understand what’s necessary to reach their goals and develop a plan to help them get into the college of their choice.

Once students are seniors, our College Guidance Counselors walk students through the college application process, meeting one-on-one to plan and review their admission progress throughout the year.

Senior Seminar provides seniors with topical discussions related to specific aspects of the college admission process. The College Guidance Counselors and special guests from the college admission world discuss issues related to college, scholarships, and financial aid planning. Students are encouraged to take the SAT in the spring of their junior year and the fall of their senior year.






College Guidance Counselor – Day Students





College Guidance Counselor – Boarding Students



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