The Brook Hill School is unlike any other day and boarding school because it is home to The American Freedom Museum. Located in Founder’s Hall, the museum boasts over 650 artifacts from our nation’s history.




The American Freedom Museum illuminates the American experience during crucial moments in our nation’s history. From the hills and valleys of the American Revolution to the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan, you will step into history and discover the journey of those in our nation’s military who have courageously and heroically sacrificed to ensure the many freedoms that we enjoy today.

Our mission is to Honor American veterans and military personnel for the sacrifices they have made for our freedoms; Educate this and future generations about our rich heritage; and Inspire others to achieve greatness.



Dull moments don’t exist at the American Freedom Museum. From the minute students arrive, they’re immersed in a story that makes history come alive. When they leave, students not only have a better grasp of the material they’ve been learning about in class, but also a stronger sense of how their story fits into the larger story of America.

With educational experiences across every discipline for every grade PK-12, there are no shortage of memories to be made and stories to learn.

Teachers can find their area of study in action throughout history. They will find real life application of the skills their students are learning from the basics to higher level academics in the following areas:

  • Reading, Writing, and Literature
  • Math and Science
  • History and Geography
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Speech and Debate
  • Spanish
  • Arts and athletics

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Tall Texan Tuesday

September 13,

Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Alder’s 7th Grade Humanities classes joined together for a Tall Texan Tuesday in the American Freedom Museum this past week to combine their knowledge of both history, and English.   Students were instructed to choose a Texas hero, event or artifact within the museum and then read about it, answering a […]

6th Graders Map Out The Middle East

September 13,

Maps in hand and instructions to move around the museum in search of Middle Eastern countries, each 6th grader practiced their map reading skills in tandem with their studies on 9/11 this past week.   After watching a historical documentary about the 9/11 attacks, students talked through which countries made up the Middle East and […]

Brook Hill Remembers 9/11

September 13,

Student Body President Cole Fitzgerald organized an assembly in honor of those lost on 9/11.   Students, faculty, and administrators gathered on the Quad as a Brook Hill family Wednesday in order to pause and remember 9/11. Head football coach, Scott Ryle, who served in the United States Army, spoke and members of the Guard […]

Coding Through History

September 06,

6th-grade computer science students visited the American Freedom Museum this week to explore the history of communication through a hands-on learning moment.   Each student paired up with a classmate and had the opportunity to learn about how signs and flags have been used throughout history to communicate without using words. Students used flags to […]

When Literature Has Life – Senior Students Explore The Context Behind Class Reading

September 06,

Mr. Travis’ senior English class read through the classic American novel, “The Things They Carried” by author Tim O’Brien.   In an effort to understand the context of what the platoon of American soldiers might have felt in the Vietnam war, the class took a trip to the American Freedom Museum where museum historian and […]

When History & Science Collide

August 30,

8th grade science students visited the American Freedom Museum this week to experience the intersection of history and science.   After learning about the scientific method in science class, students have been challenged to use it in the museum to answer a question and follow the steps to arrive at a conclusion. Some of the […]

Cold War in the AFM

May 08,

Eleventh grade Humanities has been studying the Cold War (Cuban Missile Crisis, Korean War, Vietnam War). Yesterday, the students identified all the presidents who were in office during the Cold War in the Hall of Presidents, and then learned/read about their significance and the impact they had through the war. They also focus on the […]

Learning genetics in the American Freedom Museum

May 02,

Our seventh grade classes have been in the American Freedom Museum this week studying the genetics of our presidents. They have been analyzing the genetics of each president and first lady to figure out which traits are available for their kids. They studied the phenotype of each president and his wife and then created a […]

Business Principles and Marketing classes in the American Freedom Museum

May 02,

Our Business Principles class visited the museum on Tuesday this week to learn about presidential leadership styles. Students were tasked with deciding if a president was an autocratic, democratic, or laisse fair leader based on their decision making style, public communication abilities, political skill, vision, and emotional IQ. Students were then asked to rank order these […]

Fifth grade in the American Freedom Museum

March 27,

Our fifth graders have a special task at the AFM. They are to find something in the museum that they can research and be able to present the history and information on. They are in the middle of studying their chosen pieces now and will present in class and next year as they shadow rising sixth graders.

Mr. English compares D-Day to the Iliad

February 20,

Mr. English’s 9th Grade Humanities classes made a visit to the American Freedom Museum.  They were learning some of the history surrounding D-Day during WWII.  They will be taking the facts they learned about D-Day/WWII and comparing those to what they’ve learned about the Trojan War through their reading of the Iliad.

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