Lower School Visual Arts

From an early age children begin exploring the world of art.  Lower School students build on that early interest in art by learning about the elements and principles of art, looking at art from different cultures from around the world, and studying art history.  They learn to see the world as an artist sees and to experiment with a variety of mediums.

Art projects are selected so that a balance between guided instruction and free exploration and creativity can be achieved.  To round out their art experience, students study the techniques, styles, and application basics of classic and modern artists, learning to mimic their styles and appreciate a variety of genres.

During The Lower School’s Fine Arts Week, students of all grade levels participate in a school wide art show and competition.  At the end of the school year, students put together a portfolio of quality, finished art pieces to bring home.  Throughout the school year artworks are selected for art competitions like the East Texas Academic Rodeo, ACSI Art Festival in Plano, and other local contests.  PSIA Art Memory is another avenue of competition available for 4th and 5th grade students.

In addition, students with a passion for visual arts have the opportunity to attend an after school art class called Art Academy.

Middle and Upper School Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Brook Hill is comprised of Art I-IV and AP art, a set of comprehensive and challenging courses covering studio art and art history. Middle School students begin with the basics of artistic elements, learning technique through daily drawing exercises, becoming familiar with great artwork and acquiring their own style and vision. In Upper School, students will build on this foundation to hone their particular gifts, practice techniques, and delve deeper into the art of the Renaissance through the 20th century. We have a growing college level AP Art program that functions as an independent study course designed to help seniors build a portfolio they will submit to the AP College Board for college credit. Every year our accomplished students will have opportunity to submit to juried art shows, compete for awards and find a college that suits their needs and perfect their own area of artistic interest. As TAPPS District Championship winners, we provide numerous art exhibition opportunities and students of all ages will experiment with different media including drawing, sculpture, painting, and mixed-media. Annual field trips to the museum districts in Dallas and Fort Worth provide a pivotal opportunity to experience great art in person. Community and charity projects allow Brook Hill art students to participate in the artistic side of East Texas. Students will participate in TAPPS and ACSI competitions. Students may enter pieces in the East Texas State Fair art competition, and a myriad of other local and national competitions.


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