Here at Brook Hill spiritual, social, and educational opportunities abound. Living on campus provides a rich experience full of chances to engage in a variety of activities and enjoy our beautiful 280 acre campus. As this is where our students not only learn but also live, we strive to create an enjoyable environment as well as offer lots of on and off campus activities for our students to take part in. The full boarding activity calendar can be accessed through this website by clicking on the calendars tab. All activities are paid for by the boarding program, one of the great distinctives of the Brook Hill Residence Life experience. On-campus activities include fishing, volleyball, soccer, basketball, nature trails, home games offering a variety of sports, movie nights, game nights, weight room and fitness room facilities, biking, gardening and hiking, just to name a few. Off-campus activities include professional basketball, soccer and baseball games (Dallas Mavericks, FC Dallas, Texas Rangers), water parks, movies, shopping (Dallas Galleria, Northpark Mall, Stone Briar Mall, H Mart, Asian Market, etc.), Main Event Entertainment, dining out, Medieval Times, paint ball, Celebration Station, and many other activities and excursions. In addition to all this, there are also five weekly scheduled stock up trips that students can take advantage of.

Students have constant access to our dedicated Residence Life Staff who provide constant assistance and support for all of our students.

All meals are provided and prepared by Flik Food Services out of Manhattan, New York and their friendly staff. Students enjoy a hearty breakfast each morning offering breakfast meat, eggs, breads, cereals, milk, juice and fresh fruit. Two entrees are available at the lunch hour as well as a sandwich bar, full salad bar, soup selection, and a beverage selection. And the dinner meal is similar to lunch with a variety of options for students to choose from as well as desserts. Students are invited to go back as many times as they like for seconds.

A Week at Brook Hill

A typical week for a Brook Hill boarding student looks like this:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday – On these days students will wear their regular daily Brook Hill uniforms. Breakfast (optional) is served in the Commons from 7:30 to 8:45 AM. After breakfast students head off to class to begin their studies for the day. Mid-morning everyone has Campus Life block, during which students will meet in clubs, visit the ACE Room for additional academic assistance, attend chapel, meet in advisory groups or perhaps take part in a pep rally. Lunch is served at mid-day in shifts and the school day ends at 3:45, concluding with athletics. Some students may have extended practice into the afternoon hours, depending on what sport or performance they may be engaged in. At 5:30 the evening meal is served, again in the Commons, with mandatory attendance. This is followed by a mandatory study hall until 8:00 pm. Honor Guard students (A/B Honor Roll) are permitted to take study hall in the boarding houses. Any students failing any course that week are required to study an additional thirty minutes at each nightly study hall. Study halls are mandatory Monday night through Thursday night. After study hall students have some down time, with fitness and shopping opportunities, until house curfew at 10:00 pm. At that time all students must return to their own house. Room curfew during the week is 10:45 and lights out is 11:00. If a student needs extra study time they can ask for “late lights” which will allow them to study until 12:00 am.

Tuesdays and Thursdays look exactly like Mondays. Wednesdays are just a little bit different in that the school day starts at 9:00 rather than 8:15 due to Wednesdays’ morning staff development. Also on Wednesdays, students wear their chapel uniforms. Typically no interscholastic athletic competitions are scheduled for Wednesday afternoons or evenings. Fridays are slightly different from the other days in that students are allowed to dress down a bit, wearing jeans or shorts and a Brook Hill t-shirt or sweat shirt, and the school day ends at 2:50, with no athletic block.

On Saturdays students can sleep in if they wish with brunch being served at 11:00 AM, with mandatory attendance. Also on Saturdays students have a couple of entertainment options that they can take part in. Dinner is served at the usual 6:00 on Saturday night.

On Sundays breakfast is provided in the dorms then students are off to church services with their House Parent. Students also have the option to attend other churches with Brook Hill faculty and staff members. These teachers and administrators pick up students in the morning and bring them back after services. Sunday afternoons are set aside to rest and relax and prepare for the coming week. Few activities are scheduled on Sundays for that purpose.

Students have several opportunities to pick up things from the store throughout the week. There are three weekly trips to Brookshires, a local grocery store in Bullard, and two trips into Tyler to Wal-Mart each week as well (after school and after study hall for the students’ convenience), and often another trip Fridays after dinner to Fresh, a unique market that also offers taco bar, sandwich bar, gellato, open grill, ramen, pho, sushi, pizza bar, coffee cafe and expansive salad bar along with live music on weekends.

As you can see we have created a quality living experience that offers variety and fun, as well as the needed time for students to study and relax.

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