At the brook hill middle school, our mission is simple: prepare students for college and for life. We accomplish this through academic rigor, caring faculty, and a nurturing environment that keeps the christian worldview front and center.


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The Brook Hill Middle School educates students in grades 6-8th. There are many options for middle school in Tyler, Texas and the surrounding area, but our small class sizes, focused on individual needs to prepare students for college, sets our private school apart. Most importantly, Brook Hill is a Christian school, and our Christ-centered environment helps students find their identity in Christ and discover the gifts and talents we believe are God-given.

The faculty and staff in the middle work diligently to prepare each student for the next level of their education, leading to success in college and beyond. As a Christian school, we strive to create a culture of genuine love and care. We hope that this trains up our students in a nurturing environment, and that our private school develops students that are prepared, challenged, affirmed, and encouraged in body, mind, and spirit. We see successful and happy students moving onward to excellence and success as we partner with families in the growth and development of their children. We hope that we can partner with your family in this endeavor as well.

Why Choose Brook Hill?

Middle School is one of the most critical times in a child’s life. Our experienced faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students grow educationally, personally, and spiritually! Learn more about the distinctives of our Middle School and why it is right for you at the link below!

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kris shustella

Pre-K – 8th Grade (Lower & Middle School) Principal


Kris Shustella received his undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies from Luther Rice Seminary and a Master of Education in Education Administration from Lamar University.

Kris’s zeal for education began during his time as a youth minister and pastor. Driven to minister to students beyond the church walls, Kris earned his teaching credentials and began his career in education.

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October 18,

This past week our 7th-graders took to their microscopes for a closer look at the unique contrast between animal and plant cells.   To observe animal cells, students took a swab of their own mouths and using their cheek cells, they added iodine in order to encapsulate the cell for a close clear look under […]


October 18,

Our heart is for the nations and we loved having the opportunity to celebrate our boarding community in our annual Parade of Nations!   It’s quickly become a favorite Brook Hill tradition and one that captures our desire to celebrate the exciting opportunity we have as a Brook Hill family to know each student who […]


October 18,

Our community came together Monday night to celebrate our founder, Stephen Dement, and to honor the late Ruth Ann Young and Mr. Tommy Young for their generosity to Brook Hill.   Prior to the concert, we enjoyed celebrating over hors d’oeuvres and the opportunity to meet Austin French. Our orchestra played, the choir led us […]


October 11,

This space is more than another great asset to the Brook Hill educational experience, this new space, and the resources available to students are a marker of forward progress and an exciting future!   This past week we cut the ribbon and announced the official open of the Graves Family Center for Innovation and Graves […]


October 11,

Dr. Mettetal presented a picture book depicting the installation and completion of the water well that Brook Hill students raised over $8,500 to have installed in Ethiopia.   Partnering with Hope Springs in this has been a continued reminder of the world beyond our immediate Brook Hill community here in Bullard and reinforces our desire […]


October 04,

This week launched one of our favorite activities here at Brook Hill – Middle School Clubs!   Because we believe that learning should be dynamic, and that character formation and FUN are key components to student growth; we invite our students to be a part of student clubs each semester. We host Friday clubs four […]

Enhancing Innovation

October 04,

HEADLINES: A MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL, ROD FLETCHER     Collaboration, vision, imagination, and creativity are all important parts of the educational process.   That is why at Brook Hill, in addition to a core curriculum, we offer areas of study like coding, robotics, entrepreneurship, visual media, and fabrication, to name a few. […]

Founder’s Day – Don’t Miss It!

September 27,

HEADLINES: A MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL, ROD FLETCHER   At schools, traditions are important. One of the most significant traditions at Brook Hill is Founder’s Day.   Founder’s Day was established in 2008 to honor those who have made a significant impact on the school and to celebrate Brook Hill’s mission, vision, and […]

Coffee With Mr. Shustella

September 27,

We love parent involvement and feedback as a part of the Brook Hill experience and want our parents to have opportunities to connect with leadership and staff.   Taking ownership in this initiative, Mr. Kris Shustella, our Principal of grades Pre-K through 8th hosts a monthly meet-up with Brook Hill parents at the Cabin. The […]

Science Lab – Creating a Spirit of Wonder & Inquiry

September 27,

Memorizing facts and recalling equations have their place in learning, without a doubt. But seeing those equations and facts, the talked about theories come to life. That’s what we’re excited about in our science labs!   Middle School science teacher, Jenny Wallace’s 8th-grade class collaborated in groups this week to measure the mass and volume […]

Making Memories at the Middle School Retreat

September 27,

Fun on the lake, launching off the blob, campfire s’ mores, worship services, horseback riding, and so much more!   Each year our middle school students have the chance to get away for a fun overnight with their classmates! It’s a tradition here at Brook Hill that we love more and more with each passing […]

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