2016 alumnus, Chipper Adams, shares about his freshman year

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Chipper Adams, ’16, just completed his first year of college at Texas A&M and has some wise words to share with this year’s seniors. Of course, they’re also wise words for all of us starting new endeavors. Thank you, Chipper.

Freshman year. There are no words to describe the people I’ve met, the fun I’ve had, or the growth I’ve experienced. To sum up my year, I thought I’d share a few of the things I learned that helped make it so impactful:

Never go to bed early
Don’t be scared to sign up for everything, but only stay around if the people are going to help you grow
Never eat alone
Introduce yourself every time you get the chance
And make sure to introduce your friends as well
Make a friend or two in every class
Going potluck for a roommate is actually pretty cool
Seek out advice from seniors, they kinda know what they’re talking about
Take pride in where you’re from #903
Never say no to an adventure
Don’t be afraid to go to something, even if you won’t know anyone there
Commit. To people, events, and organizations.
People will let you down, God won’t
Sometimes your first impressions are wrong. Sometimes your first impressions are right.
Deep convos are good for the soul
Know who you are, be who you are, and love who you are, but never stop improving who you are
Remember people’s names
Don’t ever be afraid to invite more people
Run after things you’re passionate about
Run after people you’re passionate about
Netflix is a waste of time, but reading isn’t
Spend time with people who are worth spending time with
Go all out for your friends #StillStanding
Grades aren’t eternal, but honor God by pursuing excellence in everything you do
Don’t be afraid to initiate (conversations, hangouts, friendships, etc.)
Your happiness can’t come from anywhere except the Lord

Life is good, people. Here’s to the best year of my life so far, and here’s to it only getting better from here.