2018 Lady Guard Basketball Schedule


2018-2019 Varsity and JV Basketball Schedule


October 27 (TBD)

Frankston Scrimmage (Away)- JV/V

November 2 (4:30/5:30 pm)

Bryan Adams (Away)- JV/V

November 6 (4:30/6:00 pm)

All Saints (Home)- JV/V

November 9-November 10 (TBD)

Rosehill Christian School Tournament (Away)- V

November 13 (4:30/6:00 pm)

Winona (Away)- JV/V

November 20 (2:00/3:00 pm)

Athens (Away)- JV/V

November 24 (TBD)

Whitehouse Tournament (Away)- V

November 29 (TBD)

Union Grove Tournament (Away)- V

December 4 (7:30 pm)

Frankston (Home)- V

December 6 (TBD)

Frankston Tournament (Away)- V

December 11 (4:30/6:00 pm)

Big Sandy (Away)- JV/V

December 14 (7:30 pm)

Tyler Heat (Home)- V

December 18 (4:30/6:00 pm) (CANCELED)

Gary (Home)- JV/V

December 27-29 (TBD)

Macy Chenevert Patriot Holiday Classic (Away)- V

January 11 (4:00/6:30 pm)

*Bishop T.K. Gorman (Home)- JV/V

January 15 (4:30/6:30 pm)

Tyler Heat (Home)- JV/V

January 18 (4:30/6:30 pm)

*Dallas Christian (Home)- JV/V

January 22 (4:30 pm)

Brighter Horizons (Away)- V

January 25 (4:00/6:30 pm)

*Grace (Away)- JV/V

February 1 (4:00/6:30 pm)

*Bishop T.K. Gorman (Home)- JV/V

February 5 (4:00/6:30 pm)

*Dallas Christian (Away)- JV/V

February 8 (4:00/6:30 pm)

**Grace (Home)- JV/V

*Denotes a district game.
**Denotes senior night

2017 Middle School Girls Basketball Schedule


November 8 (5:30/6:45 pm)

Tyler Heat (Home)

November 12 (5:30/6:45 pm)

ETCA  (Away)

November 15 (5:30/6:45 pm)

Murchison (Away, 7th Grade Only)

November 17 (TBD) [CANCELLED]

Frankston (Away, 8th Grade Only)

December 3 (5:30/6:45 pm)

Longview Christian (Home)

December 13 (5:30/6:45 pm)

Longview Christian (Away)

January 10 (5:30/6:45 pm)

All Saints (Away)

January 14 (5:30/6:45 pm)

Bishop Gorman (Home)

January 17 (5:30/6:45 pm)

Grace (Away)

January 24 (5:30/6:45 pm)

All Saints (Home)

January 28 (5:30/6:45 pm)

Bishop Gorman (Away)

January 31 (5:30/6:45 pm)

Grace (Home)

February 2 (All Day)

TAPSAC Tournament (@ All Saints)


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