2018 Family Participation

Associate Director of Development:

Today we kick off the 2018-2019 Family Participation Drive!

In the last day or so, you should have received a letter from me explaining the importance of the Family Participation Drive and how the funds raised supports The Brook Hill Fund which in turn, supports every student.  Make your gift now,  www.broohill.org/donate.

I am extremely excited about this initiative for a couple of reasons.

1. The goal for Family Participation Drive has been set at $50,000.  I am honored to announce a group of parents who stepped up BIG by generously offering lead gifts totaling $20,350!  What a great start to this year’s FPD!

Thank you to the following for being a part of the 2018-2019 Family Participation Lead Giving Team.

John and Samantha Brandreth
Justin and Lori Cavitt
John and Natalie Dawson
Drew and Ashley Durrett
Greg and LeAnn Freimer
Craig and Wendy Gandy
Steve and Jill Goates
Meredith Hamlin
Matt and Ashley Harrison
Andrew and Cortney Kerr
David and Katy Kummerfeld
Jonathan and April Lake
Bart and Crysti LaRocca
Ryan and Mandy Locker
Jody and Jennifer Mask
Phillip and Lacy Mattek
Bryan and Britian McKinney
John and Stacee Priddy
Chris and Mary Leigh Roberts
John and Stacy Sims
John and Sherri Soules
Michael and Lindsay Stansberry
Chace and Megan Tarrant
Kelvin and Jessica Woodfin

2.  I am eager to give you the opportunity to join these families in making a difference in the lives of the students of The Brook Hill School by making a gift of your own.

Who is ready to compete?   Over the next two weeks, we will create an atmosphere of healthy competition by challenging campus vs campus.   Which campus will have the highest percentage of participation?  Kona Ice will be set up to serve the campus with the highest percentage of participation on Friday, Oct. 12.

Thank you for supporting the students/faculty/families of The Brook Hill School!  Be on the look out for periodic updates so you can know how your campus is fairing in the competition.

As always, please reach out to me with questions or concerns.