2nd Graders Meet a Monkey

Brook Hill 2nd graders had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Lori Cavitt, DVM, mom of Brock and Barrett, to Mrs. Berry’s class for an introduction to their “Community Unit”.


Dr. Cavitt brought her Owl Monkey, Archie, to visit and interact with the class as students began their conversation understanding the different ways we interact as a community. Prior to Dr. Cavitt’s visit, the students prepared a list of interview questions they wanted to ask regarding Archie. This experience gave our second graders a chance to practice their listening and critical thinking skills as they heard Dr. Cavitt share.

Dr. Cavitt shared about how she helps educate and protect our local community as well as the animal community through her work at her veterinary practice in Henderson. Students were able to interact with Archie, as well as hold and feed him. What a fun way to deepen our understanding of how we impact one another in communities!