3rd grade led our students in chapel this week, teaching us how to use our gifts and talents for God’s glory.


This modern retelling of the parable of the talents brought the story to life for our lower school.

The owner of Lucky Lou’s Licks-a-lot Lollipops went away on a trip, leaving money to three of his employees. The first doubled his money, as did the second. The third employee buried the owner’s money. After he returned, the employees brought their earnings back to the owner, who handsomely rewarded the first two with a promotion. The third employee who buried the money was fired because he didn’t use the owner’s gift wisely.

Third grade then retold the story of the actual parable from the gospels. Now, as the story unfolded, our students were able to better understand and apply its message to their own lives.

Each of us have been given incredible gifts by God. Just like the servants in the parable, we are called to use our gifts for the glory of Christ and His Kingdom.

We are so grateful to be part of a school that not only seeks to teach students life-long truths like these, but also works diligently to use the gifts we’ve been given to change students’ lives forever!