As a part of this year’s service project, Brook Hill third graders are collecting dimes to purchase food and supplies for the Bullard Mission House!


Mrs. Lowe, Batis and Ateberry’s third-grade classes are diligently taking up the Guard Charge to Serve Others this year as they save their dimes for donation. Students will have the opportunity to continue collecting dimes until Spring Break and will then take their “piggy banks” to Austin Bank in Jacksonville to exchange for bills. This service project is not only broadening their understanding of “other” but is teaching them the value of money and persistence in working towards their goal in such a fun hands-on way!

Once the students have exchanged their dimes for dollars, they’ll have the opportunity to go to Brookshires as a class and purchase food for the Mission House in Bullard. Opportunities like this, where we’re engaging both head and heart, are central to a child’s ability to grasp concepts and make connections. In our humble opinion, this is the kind of work that’s lasting and so formative!

A big thank you to our teachers for finding meaningful and fun ways to engage with our community and students! We’ll keep you updated as the year moves forward and the dimes stack up!