4th & 5th Grade Spring Music Spectacular!

Thursday night our 4th & 5th grade students put on a show for their classmates and families. The program began with performances from each class, each routine involving a different aspect of music: hand motions and singing, bells, a stomp routine with brooms, and finally, playing recorders.

Then the program took a shift, highlight 6 student performances. This section featured twirling, dancing, piano, a ukulele, and singing.

All four classes then joined one another on the stage for a few more songs, praising God and telling us about what he has done for this world!

It was a wonderful evening and gave us the chance to not only see how talented our students are, but to hear their heart for Christ.

Also, you will want to watch this short clip of Ashley, one of our 4th graders, singing “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars:

[wpvideo mI5vmBag]

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