6th Grade Fine Arts Rotation Gala

One of the strengths of our Fine Arts program in the middle school is the Fine Arts Rotation. During their 6th grade year, each student will rotate through our 4 fine arts classes: Orchestra, Choir, Drama, and Visual Arts. Students spend 9 weeks in each discipline and receive a thorough introduction.

We believe this rotation helps students discover their talents and abilities as well as their likes and dislikes, helping them make a more informed decision. At the Gala, Mr. Ballard, the director of our program, asked students if they discovered something they liked or were good at that they did not know before; many of our students raised their hands and shared an art-form they began to appreciate this year.

This past Monday night, 6th graders performed and displayed their artwork from their fine arts course this past quarter. Students sang, played music, and displayed paintings and drawings from the past 9 weeks of their rotation. Here are some photos from the event:

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