This past week our 7th-graders took to their microscopes for a closer look at the unique contrast between animal and plant cells.


To observe animal cells, students took a swab of their own mouths and using their cheek cells, they added iodine in order to encapsulate the cell for a close clear look under the microscope. In turn, they placed thin layers of onion under the microscope for a closer look at plant cells.

Having the opportunity to compare both types of cells gave students the chance to observe both the science and the creativity behind each cell’s design. Our hope is that science labs not only educate but inspire our students to be observers and thinkers in their world. We take a hands-on approach to exploration and experimentation – wanting to create space for our students to ask questions about creation and the scientific method.

Prior to this lab, students were placed in groups and given the task of designing and building a 3-D model of a cell. Not only did this strengthen their group collaboration skills, but it also prepared them for studying the cells in real life.