7th Humanities visits Museum

Born in Virginia, Sam Houston became a lawyer, congressman and senator in Tennessee. After moving to Texas in 1832, he joined the growing conflict between U.S. settlers and the Mexican government and became commander of the local army. On April 21, 1836, Houston and his men defeated Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna at San Jacinto to secure Texan independence. In 1831 he became the first officially elected President of the Republic of Texas. Students from Lisa Haynie’s 7th Grade Humanities classes participated in “The Power of One: Sam Houston” lab in the Museum last week. The students focused on the life of Sam Houston and traced the impact that his decisions and life had on so many other individuals throughout our nation’s history. They were reminded that every decision they make in life will affect at least one other person. The students were challenged to write 2 paragraphs in their journal stating what they learned from the life of Sam Houston and how they could apply those lessons to their own lives. The inscription on Sam Houston’s tomb reads: A Brave Soldier. A Fearless Statesman. A Great Orator — A Pure Patriot. A Faithful Friend, A Loyal Citizen. A Devoted Husband and Father. A Consistent Christian — An Honest Man. They could have very easily added: Sam Houston: The Power of One!

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