8th Grade Builds Mousetrap Cars

8th grade Physical Science class built mousetrap cars for their spring project.  Students were instructed to build a mousetrap car that could travel a distance of 5 meters.  The only power used for their car was the mousetrap itself.  Using their understanding of simple machines, students created their inventions, trying to travel the fastest and/or the farthest. With excitement brewing, many different sizes and shapes arrived on Monday to class. Their classmates cheered them on as some were unsure their cars would travel the distance.  With much success, their cars were a hit!

Applying concepts in a real life project not only deepens our students’ understanding of scientific ideas, but also engages them in the creative process.

8thMousetrapCars(TA)-1 8thMousetrapCars(TA)-4 8thMousetrapCars(TA)-5 8thMousetrapCars(TA)-6 8thMousetrapCars(TA)-7 8thMousetrapCars(TA)-8 8thMousetrapCars(TA)-10 8thMousetrapCars(TA)-11 8thMousetrapCars(TA)-12 8thMousetrapCars(TA)-13