8th Grade Discovers Mystery Mixture

Eighth graders identified a mystery mixture in science lab on Friday.  First, students tested baking soda, powdered sugar and cornstarch for reactivity to vinegar and iodine.  Then, students placed a small amount of each compound in a test tube to see which compound would melt in boiling water.  After recording all the data for these three compounds, students were given the mystery substance with which they completed the same three tests.  Students then compared their data for each individual compound to the mystery mix to try to determine which compounds were present.  This proved to be a great  way to reinforce the difference between a mixture and a compound.

8thChemicalReactionLab(TA)-1 8thChemicalReactionLab(TA)-2 8thChemicalReactionLab(TA)-3 8thChemicalReactionLab(TA)-6