9th Grade College Trip

Last Thursday and Friday, freshmen went on their annual college tour. This year our 9th graders visited Dallas Baptist University, Southern Methodist University, and Texas Christian University.

Students that have been at Brook Hill since the sixth grade will have visited and taken notes on over 14 local colleges and universities by the time they apply to college. Students experience a variety of schools from small to large, public to private, as well as schools that are faith-based and others that are not. Through this process, students are able to get a feel for the kind of school they might wish to attend, and the kind of environment they could see themselves thriving in.

When students begin applying to college as seniors, Celia Tucker (our stellar Academic Counselor), reviews the note cards and colleges from prior trips with each student, helping guide their discussions and decisions about where and how to apply. In addition to all this, we hope the college tour program helps students proactively think about college BEFORE their senior year. Admission reps from each school goes over admission requirements, stresses the importance of GPA, campus involvement, community service, and SAT/ACT scores.

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