A Day in the Life of a Lower School Student

What is a day in the life of a Brook Hill Lower School student like?

1) It begins with a warm welcome:




2) Students receive individual attention from their teachers:



3) Students engage in hands-on learning and participate in classroom activities:

SchoolActivities(TA)-6-2 SchoolActivities(TA)-98


4) Teachers and students interact with and use technology as a learning tool:

SchoolActivities(TA)-12 ClassroomActivitiesl(TA)-1


5) Students exercise at PE and play at recess:

ClassroomActivities2(TA)-2 SchoolActivities(TA)-159


6) Students read books in class and check out books from our library:

ClassroomActivities2(TA)-2-2 ClassroomActivitiesl(TA)-15


7) Students expand their horizons in art, sing and perform on stage, and even play an instrument:

LSPianoRecital(TA)-1 SchoolActivities(TA)-16 2ndGradeChapel(TA)-92


8) Students write and speak Spanish:


9) And, most importantly, students worship and learn about Jesus Christ:

2ndGradeChapel(TA)-57 2ndGradeChapel(TA)-78


Our Lower School students experience all of these things and more on a regular basis at Brook Hill, and that is part of makes it such a special place. Thank you parents, teachers, administrators, and students for working together to prepare these students for college and for life.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDyMfSsG_X4&w=560&h=315]


If you’re not already a part of our school, and are interested in learning more, visit us on the web at www.brookhill.org