A virtual field trip took place in the Lower School library

Fifth graders experienced a virtual reality field trip to Great Britain thanks to our new Google Expeditions kit.

Garrett Gandy and Zachary Rhea both commented that the experience felt like they were really there.

“It was awesome looking around,” Garrett said as students looked at the knights on the Bosworth Battlefield where King Richard III was killed.

They saw knights in armor with weapons in a re-enactment scene including a replica of the King’s tent on the outskirts of the battle field. Back to modern day, they visited the museum where King Richard’s bones now lie. Recently his skeleton was discovered in a parking lot and thanks to modern science, the DNA confirmed that these bones did indeed belong to King Richard III. (His skeleton revealed that had a curvature of the spine.) Next, they traveled to the White House in Washington DC. Zachary especially enjoyed exploring all the rooms that normally he “wouldn’t get to see.”