Academic Awards Ceremony

On Thursday evening, students were honored for their academic achievements both in and out of the classroom, and seniors were given their cords, ribbons, tassels, and medals for graduation.

Among the highlights were honoring those students who received major scholarships from TJC, Texas Bank and Trust, DAR, and of course, the Kyle Lake Memorial Scholarship. We were also pleased to honor this year’s valedictorian and salutatorian, Tito Babatunde and Cynthia Cherng. We also awarded DeAnda Brooks who was named “Teacher of the Year” – which is an incredible honor among a faculty like Brook Hill.

The two awards, however, that caught the most attention were the Servants Heart and Brook Hill Heart awards. The Servant’s Heart award was given to the student who most embodied servant leadership among the senior class, and this year’s honoree was Avery Langemeier. The Brook Hill Heart award is given to the male and female student who most exemplifies what Brook Hill is all about: Education, Potential, and Christ-like Character. This year’s winners were Grant Hanks and Samantha Anderson.

We are so proud of all of our students, their work in and out of the classroom and their achievements, but most of all their pursuit of Christ in all areas of their lives!

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