Congratulations to our Lower School artists for placing in the East TX Academic Rodeo Art Contest!


The following students placed in the competition and their artwork, along with artwork from all over East Texas, can be viewed at The Academic Rodeo Open House on February 17 from 4-6 at the East Texas State Fair Grounds in Building E.

Bostyn Agnew (2nd Grader) was given an Honorable Mention for her still life painting of a vase and flowers.

Carsyn McLemore (3rd Grader) was awarded Honorable Mention for her rendering of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.

Raleigh Prater’s (4th Grader) 2D Easter Island Moai Statue artwork was given Honorable Mention as well.

Out of the 10 Lower School art entries, our school was awarded several Honorable Mentions which is such an honor considering the number of works submitted and students competing from the 100 plus schools in this contest!

We are so proud of each of these students mentioned above as well as the following students for making such quality and excellent artwork qualifying for entry into this contest!

Alexis Wright-1st Grader

Waverley Stroupe-1st Grader

Mercy Shustella-2nd Grader

Dax Reed-3rd Grader

Maddie Skinner-4th Grader

Zachery McEuen-5th Grader

Savannah Hipke 5th Grader