ACSI District Speech Meet

speech meet

The Brook Hill Lower School recently hosted the annual ACSI District Speech Meet. A total of nine private schools from the surrounding area sent 209 students (1st grade – 6th grade) to participate in this event. Mrs. Ponce and Mrs. Brashier, co-chairs of this important academic event, are pleased to announce the results.  The following students represented Brook Hill at the April 4th ACSI District Speech Meet. Let’s celebrate their success!

1st Grade: Haleigh Rozell- Superior Ribbon, Gabbie Williams-Superior Ribbon, Cole Stansberrry-Excellent Ribbon and Julianna Mize- Excellent Ribbon.

2nd Grade: Brooklyn Davis- Superior Ribbon & Bronze Medal, Olivia Martin- Superior Ribbon & Gold Medal, Drea Tonroy-Superior Ribbon, Grace Derrybery- Superior Ribbon & Silver Medal, Maddox Nelson- Good Ribbon and Aaron Nguyen- Superior Ribbon & Gold Medal.

3rd Grade: Karsyn Cunningham-Excellent Ribbon, Reagan Steele-Excellent Ribbon & Bronze Medal, Jackson Steele-Superior Ribbon& Gold Medal, Hannah Timmons- Excellent Ribbon, Grayden Goates- Good Ribbon and Nate Dahn-Good Ribbon

4th Grade: Emma Lambert-Excellent Ribbon, Marlee Gunter- Superior Ribbon & Bronze Medal, Suvonna Bynum-Good Ribbbon, Griffin Hommel-Excellent Ribbon & Bronze Medal, Anna Marie Ward- Excellent Ribbon, and Owen Funk-Excellent Ribbon

5th Grade: Max Lowery-Superior Ribbon, Nick Ellis- Good Ribbon, Liam Kennedy-Excellent Ribbon, Tucker Helm-Good Ribbon, Mattie Cheatham- Good Ribbon, Jessie Glenn- Superior Ribbon, Mary Elizabeth Roberts-Excellent Ribbon, Chandler Fletcher-Superior Ribbon.

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