Admissions Week is This Week!


From the desk of Krista Wallace, Director of Admissions:

Admissions Week launches on Monday, February 2.  Please encourage your friends who are interested in Brook Hill to join us for the following events all next week!

Monday, Feb 2:  Middle School and Upper School Look & See Dinner.  6-8pm.  Bring your 6th-12th grade student to hear what we offer for academics, arts, and athletics.  Meet in the lobby of the American Freedom Museum (in front of the helicopter).  Reserve your seat.

Tuesday, Feb 3:  Coffee Conversations with Middle and Upper School Principals and Headmaster.  9am and 12pm.  Meet in the lobby of the American Freedom Museum.

Wednesday, Feb 4:  Coffee Conversations with Athletic Director.  9am and 12pm.  Meet in the lobby of Lauderdale Hall.

Thursday, Feb 5:  Coffee Conversations with Lower School Principal and Headmaster.  9am and 12pm.  Meet in the Lower School Gathering Room.

Friday, Feb 6:  Lower School Look & See Dinner.  6-8pm.  Hear from our Headmaster and Lower School Principal and tour the school.  Childcare provided.  Meet in the Lower School Dining Room.  Reserve your seat.

Saturday, Feb 7:  Admissions Open House.  10:30am and 1pm.  Founder’s Hall on the Upper School campus. Reserve here for 10:30am.  Reserve here for 1pm.

You are Brook Hill’s best advocate!  We want your friends’ kids and your kids’ friends here!

Questions about any of the events?  Call me at 903.894.5240 and I will be happy to talk with you.