Algebra I Visits Museum

“Uh, and why do I need to know this formula?” is every Math teacher’s favorite question! There are many questions about history that only math can provide the answers to. While touring the Museum, our minds begin to wonder about survival rates, force of impacts, and all kinds of “what ifs.” Shannan McEuen’s 9th grade Algebra I class participated in the American Freedom Museum’s “Solving History’s Mysteries” lab this week. Students were challenged to choose a gallery or topic in the Museum that they were interested in and then to come up with 3 math concepts or questions they had about that topic. They compiled statistics and came up with math problems to find the answers. The students not only used their formula skills, they created and solved their own questions about our nation’s history!


AlgebraI-Museum(TA)-1 AlgebraI-Museum(TA)-2 AlgebraI-Museum(TA)-3 AlgebraI-Museum(TA)-5 AlgebraI-Museum(TA)-6