Kindergarten students had the opportunity to express their creativity and practice being in front of their peers for an alphabet fashion show!


Complete with a disco light and red carpet, each student had the opportunity to design and decorate their vest with a specific letter in mind and then we had so much fun as a class presenting each letter with a walk down the red carpet! Learning our letters and connecting those to real-life objects and words creates the foundation for students who are strong readers, writers, and communicators. It was such a joy to see our kindergarteners grow in confidence academically through the comprehension of their letter, and socially as they shared in front of their classmates!

We want to take every opportunity possible to connect the skills and concepts that we’re learning with fun and personal expressions of that knowledge. When kids are able to share what they’ve learned, it deepens their understanding of the concept and allows us as educators to continue building on that knowledge.

In our experience, giving children the room to be creative begets critical thinking and those go hand in hand shaping kids who love learning!

If you or someone that you know has a kid in elementary who would enjoy the opportunity to be a part of fun, hands-on learning moments like this, we would love to invite you to our fall Lower School Look & See this next week!