Alumni Highlight: TJ & Heather Jones

We love taking the opportunity to highlight our alumni and hear about their experiences and accomplishments beyond Brook Hill. It’s especially rewarding to hear how Brook Hill has impacted their lives for the better. Most recently we caught up with alumni, TJ Jones ’08 and Heather Jones ’09. TJ and Heather are “high school sweethearts” and have since graduated from

college and settled down in Dallas, TX!


Heather is a real estate agent who primarily helps DFW families find their dream home. Heather has been extraordinarily successful and has been pictured in D-Magazine and other local publications. TJ is a Partner with a litigation boutique law firm, Crawford, Wishnew & Lang, PLLC. He was with a larger law firm in Dallas, but was invited to help start CWL in 2018. TJ has been named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers for several years and was pictured in People Magazine after a 7 figure trial victory.


Read to learn more about TJ and Heather’s journey at Brook Hill and how it’s effected their lives!


Describe your time at Brook Hill. What all were you involved in?

TJ –  “I love my time at Brook Hill. I played football, baseball, enjoyed the art class, attended youth in government, and met my wife there!”

Heather – “I so enjoyed my time at Brook Hill. I played softball, volleyball and acted in the school plays several times. I was also very involved in choir and was a cheerleader for several years, and of course met my husband at Brook Hill!”

We love that your story began at BH! Where did you go after Brook Hill? Tell us a little bit about your undergrad and education beyond Brook Hill.

TJ – “I attended Baylor University and majored in Business Journalism. I was involved in a fraternity and wrote for the school newspaper. I loved my time at Baylor, so much so that I attended law school there as well. Law school was a challenging but rewarding experience. Baylor’s law school is incredible, and I was involved in mock trial and Student Bar Association. I am still involved with the trial advocacy program at Baylor Law, and my two brothers (also Brook Hill grads) are also Baylor Law graduates. I graduated Cum Laude from Baylor Law in 2015.”

Heather – “I attended Dallas Baptist University. I majored in broadcast communications, and was on the dance team as well as involved in an on campus sorority. I also led on-campus tours for prospective students as a DBU Tour Guide. I graduated DBU in 2013 and am still involved in alumni events.”

You both have accomplished so much already! What are you up to now?

TJ & Heather – “We are in Dallas, Texas. TJ is a Partner with a litigation boutique law firm, Crawford, Wishnew & Lang, PLLC. Heather is a real-estate agent with Compass in Dallas. We have one daughter, Savannah, and attend Park Cities Baptist Church. We live in East Dallas near the Lakewood area.”

You are doing amazing things! How did BH prepare you for these experiences and help you be successful?

TJ & Heather – “Brook Hill primarily prepared us for what to expect in college. The expectations that professors in college had was very similar to the expectations the Brook Hill professors had. We recognized fairly quickly that not all college students had that level of preparation and there was a significant learning curve for them attempting to cope with the college experience.”

That’s amazing to hear. How did Brook Hill prepare you for your journey? How did Brook Hill prepare you for where you are right now?

TJ & Heather – “Brook Hill helped us grow and mature in ways that prepared us for what to expect in college and beyond. Brook Hill specifically prepared us for the organizational and daily diligence requirements that college and graduate school require and gave us a foundation that others did not have. Spiritually, Brook Hill grounded us and gave us the knowledge and confidence in our faith heading into college.”

“Spiritually, Brook Hill grounded us and gave us the knowledge and confidence in our faith heading into college.”


We are so glad to hear that! When you look back on your time here, what BH faculty member impacted you the most? What would you say to them?

TJ & Heather – “Mr. Travis was both of our choice for this question. Mr. T – thank you. We both do not think you realize the significant and positive impact you made on both of us at a very young age. I (TJ) regularly think of things you taught and things you would say about clear and concise writing, even today in my law practice. Your energy and passion were unmatched, and we both are thankful for you.”

Shout out to Mr. Travis! Lastly, what do you hope for the future of Brook Hill and its students?

“We both hope, for every Brook Hill student, that they can enjoy their experience as much as we did. That is the best thing we could hope for!”

TJ & HEATHER, We are so proud of you both and will be cheering you on as you continue to succeed personally and professionally. YOUR BH FAMILY LOVES YOU!