Alumni News: Building Lifelong Friendships

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Spencer Denmon graduated Brook Hill in 2008, Mason Spradlin graduated in 2010 and the two have remained close friends ever since.  In fact, Spencer will be Mason’s best man in just 2 weeks at his wedding!  The two became friends mainly because of a shared love of basketball.  Spencer took that passion to Colorado Christian on scholarship after leaving Brook Hill, but after a year he returned to his home and U.T.T. where he played 3 more years of basketball.  Though he graduated with a degree in Business last May, along the way he also studied Pre-med, Biblical Studies, and Psychology.  Now, Spencer is an Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach and J.V. Coach in Tyler.  He did mention he would love to coach at BH when he and Mason stopped by the cabin this week.

Mason left BH for Texas Tech where he began his studies in History.  He, too, returned to Tyler and U.T.T. to continue his work in History. I asked him if Mr. Dement had inspired that love of History and he said, “Definitely!”  Mason graduated from U.T.T. this past December and is currently working as an estimator for a local commercial drywall installer.  Like Spencer, Mason also coached basketball at a local school, where he was the Assistant Basketball Coach.  He is not sure when or where he will be using his degree, but History is still a passion.

When asked what stood out in their memories of their time at Brook Hill, both young men immediately replied, “Shawn Rhoads.”  His Junior Bible class truly impacted Spencer and both guys spoke of Shawn’s character.  Mason also added that Mr. Dement had an impact on his life and commented on what a great guy he is!  They both said they would love a return trip to The Shed with Dement!

Steve Dement, Spencer Denmon, Mason Spradlin, Collin Hanks

Steve Dement, Spencer Denmon, Mason Spradlin, Collin Hanks