Brook Hill 2017 graduate Lauren Eden, had the incredible opportunity to intern with Young Life this past summer in Central Eastern Europe.


Her internship included setting up and running youth camps in several countries for middle school and high school students. She had the opportunity to travel to seven different countries during her eight weeks including, The Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and France.

Eden said, “The most beautiful thing I experienced was the steadfast love that our Father has for us. No matter what country or city I happened to be in I saw the same God we serve here move mountains in the lives of kids, leaders, and volunteers. Not only did I see the impact in others’ lives but also in myself. God’s faithfulness is not measured by the bubble that we live in but stretches farther and wider than we could ever imagine. I am forever grateful for Young Life and everyone that made it possible for me to experience this joyful, challenging, humbling, awesome summer. The people I met and the community I have developed in these amazing countries will be lifelong friends, and for that, I can only praise God.”

Lauren is currently a junior Communications major at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Hearing about her experience and seeing the way she has pursued serving others, learning, and sharing the Gospel beyond her community here in Texas is such a rich reminder of “the next chapter” that awaits each of our students here at Brook Hill. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to see our graduates explore their passions and use their skills and gifts!

We’re preparing our students to think globally and serve others, and Lauren embodies that mission beautifully as she navigates her own “next chapter” post Brook Hill!