Alumni Update: A Brook Hill Education Does Make a Difference!

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family & Alumni Relations:

Lai-Yu (Kimberly) Wan came to Brook Hill from Taiwan during the summer of 2006 with very little English, and more gifted at art than as a student.  During her years at Brook Hill, she sat up, took notice, and began to form a different picture of who she was and could become.  By graduation in May of 2009, Kimberly was well on her way to a successful future not only as an artist but also as a student.  She will soon graduate from college in Bellevue, Washington with a degree in Apparel Merchandising. She is still looking for an internship opportunity, possibly as a visual merchandiser, special event coordinator or maybe product developer.  The rest of her career plans would all depend on her internship experience. The future is full of possibilities!

Kimberly recently took the time to make a day trip to Brook Hill while in Austin visiting friends.   Here, in her words, she describes that visit:

“Hi , Mrs. Bell!  There is just so much i want to talk about…I have a mix of feelings about my trip back to Brook Hill during this winter break. I was really happy to see the familiar environment and faces. but sad that I didn’t get to properly thank all the teachers and people who made such a huge impact to my life.  I have had several really good professors in college/ university, but honestly, none of them influenced my life the way these Brook Hill teachers do.  Mr.Travis taught me how to think critically, he inspired me to read beyond those lines, to really understand the meaning of those books we read. Mr.Ward’s Bible class answered so many of my questions towards the Christian beliefs.  (He was patient and tried to answer all my ignorant questions without getting mad at me.)  Mrs. Bell’s warm hugs and support, Mr. Rhoads’ encouragement,  Mr.Ballard gave me the opportunities to experience art outside my art classroom.  Mrs. Anderson (host mom) taught me that it is possible to truly love someone who’s not blood related.  Mr.Dement, Mrs.Talitha Smith…I can go on and on with the list. Brook Hill, and everyone I met during my high school years, inspired me to keep my mind open, accept and love those who are from different backgrounds and cultures. These people changed the way I see, the way I think , and the way I act.  When I left Bullard that day, I told my boyfriend, Wing, that my personality would be so different if I didn’t make my choice to come here. He would probably never be into me or we wouldn’t even be friends in the first place! p.s: Excuse my grammar, I got too excited that I kept pressing enter without go through everything first.” 🙂

Kimberly Wan and the Bells

Kimberly Wan and the Bells