Now that all the boys are back at home, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on our trip to Arizona. We got to do some cool things including several hikes in the Sedona area, of which I think the boys will remember Bear Mountain as quite a challenge. We tackled The Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course, and the boys did a great job conquering the various levels, with several going all the way through all five levels of difficulty. It was not only challenging, but there were also several hilarious moments as the boys had a blast way up in the trees.

The college visit to Northern Arizona University went well, and I think several of the boys were impressed with the campus. The admissions team at the university did an excellent job with our group, especially giving us an “all you can eat” lunch at their food court. That probably cost them more than they were bargaining for – these boys from Texas can eat!

The Grand Canyon was awesome! We didn’t get to go down the Bright Angel Trail due to icy conditions that made for too much of a safety risk, but we still had plenty of time to experience The Canyon and the awesome wonder of God’s creative power. Oh, and one other of God’s creations was a huge hit for the boys throughout the trip – snow! We ran into snow patches just about everywhere we went and playing in the snow was a huge added bonus to everything else we did. You’d think these guys never saw snow or something! It was kind of weird – 65 degrees, the boys wanting to take their shirts off and having snowball fights.

In between all our travels, we had a great time playing football in the parking lot of our hotel – I am sure glad we brought that ball along.

We finished up the week at a Spring Training game in Phoenix, watching the Cubs play the Mariners. It was like 90 degrees there. The boys had a good time chasing players for balls and autographs and just enjoying the cool atmosphere at the park. It was a long last day with the flight delays and I know they were absolutely beat when they finally got home, but I think the trip was a very positive one overall.

For all the fun and excitement we experienced, I think Kyle and I will remember most was watching how well the boys bonded and interacted with one another throughout the trip. Not only that, but how much closer Kyle and I were able to get to know the boys, especially through our devotionals. God was with us in all we did, and we got to share messages from God’s word such as the awesomeness of how he created everything with a word and commanded it to stand firm; how although no one can see God, he is reflected to others by what we see and do and the love we have for others and for God. We talked about how important it is that we treat women the way God expects and seek relationships that honor Him.

Thank you for the privilege and blessing of spending so much time with your sons. They did a great job representing you, Brook Hill and God in all they did! We hope the boys will have many fond memories of the trip.

Greg & Kyle