Art Wins Big at ACSI Art Festival

Our Art students participated in the ACSI Art Festival this week located at The Hope Center in Plano, Texas. There were over 500 works of art and around 20 private Christian  1A to 5A  schools that competed from across the district. Each work of art is juried by three judges who score the piece using a rubric. Brook Hill received 17 superior ratings and 12 excellent ratings. Also, Those works receiving a superior ratings that have the  highest scores in their category are then awarded a gold,  silver or bronze medals. The Brook Hill Art Department came home with 10  medalist.

Superior Ribbons

  1. Eliza Kim- Color Drawing- Bronze medal
  2. Eliza Kim -Black and White Drawing-Silver medal
  3. Eliza Kim- Painting- Bronze medal
  4. Eliza Kim- Graphic Design- Gold Medal
  5. Tiffani Goddard- Sculpture- Silver Medal  
  6. Tiffani Goddard -Paper Arts- Silver Medal
  7. Tito Babatunde-Paper arts- Bronze Medal
  8. Summer Nasser- Misc. Arts- Silver Medal  
  9. Natalie Hall-Misc. Arts-Bronze Medal
  10. Dylan Smith-Pottery- Bronze Medal
  11. Maddi Travis- Relief Sculpture
  12. Kat Stadlemann-Printmaking
  13. Rachel Berkley- Mixed Media
  14. Conner Sciarrinni-Graphic Design
  15. Mikayla Willis-Ceramics


Excellence Ribbons

  1. Evan Hayes- Photography
  2. Sunny Park-Painting
  3. Shawn Adams- Painting
  4. Favor Diokpo-Computer Generated Art
  5. Maddie Antony- Painting
  6. Anna Luker-Drawing
  7. Gracey Browning- Painting
  8. Cate Kimball-Mixed Media
  9. Jaqueline Cloete-Drawing
  10. Russell Richardson-Drawing
  11. Ashley Regester- Painting

Our AP Art students are also having a show on May 1 from 6:30-8:00 PM in the foyer of the museum on the lower level of Founders Hall. There will be live music from our Brook Hill Orchestra students, food and our first AP art class will have their entire portfolio on display for family and friends to view. Students are putting the finishing touches on their work and photographing each of the works in the portfolio for the College Boards digital submission the May 8.

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