Behind The Scenes



The Behind the Scenes SPARC group learned all about the many different avenues possible in the athletic/sporting industry after a player is done competing. After all, every athletic career comes to an end, so what is there for those who are passionate about athletics and the sporting industry when competing on the field or the court is no longer possible?


This group got a behind the scenes tour of Cowboy Stadium and the many different jobs and opportunities for someone working at a stadium. The students also got a behind the scenes look at the Ballpark at Arlington and learned about the many different facets of running a major league baseball team. In addition, the group attended the Mavericks vs. Celtics basketball game!


Next, the group spoke with different members of the faculty and staff at TWU. The students learned about applying college degrees to different fields of study; learned about exercise physiology; learned about the science behind exercise physiology; and learned about movement analysis and the forces behind athletic performance. They also met with the Athletic Director and discussed the long-term benefits of being a student-athlete.


Next, the students got a behind the scenes look at the BSN corporate offices and distribution warehouses and learned all about the business of athletic equipment and apparel.


On Wednesday the group got a behind the scenes look at covering athletic events at the Tyler Morning Telegraph. The group also got to visit the different departments of the paper and learn about how the paper is keeping up with the ever-changing technology. After visiting the paper, the group got a behind the scenes look into CBS 19 with Eric Sullivan. The group got to watch a weather forecast, take a look at the power room, and got to witness what all goes into making a broadcast.


On Thursday the group got to visit APEC and watch current NFL and NFL hopefuls train. The students also got a lesson in sport-specific training and nutrition. The group finished the day with a zipline adventure.


On the last day, the group got a behind the scenes look into all things Texas A&M baseball with Brook Hill alums JB Moss and AJ Minter. JB and AJ encouraged the group by explaining how Brook Hill prepared them for college academics. The students concluded the trip with watching Texas A&M baseball taking on the Florida Gators.


Overall the trip was eye-opening for the students to see the many different avenues the sports industry provides.