Bridging the Math

On Tuesday in Mrs. Mize’s 7th grade math class, drawing, algebra, and computer-based research all came together. Students are wrapping up a unit on Ratios, Proportions, and Probability and Mrs. Mize chose a project that would bring a real life application to the classroom in the form of bridges.

Students used the computer lab to learn about three different bridge designs and identify the world’s longest bridge. From there, students learned to represent actual bridges with scale drawings with the use of algebraic symbols and proportions. The students applied the cross product principle in order to create their own scale drawing of the world’s longest bridge.

Through their research students also discovered the three main types of bridges and their designs, along with the materials used in bridge construction and the factors that are taken into consideration when choosing a bridge design. “I really enjoyed watching the students connect bridges and drawings with math. My students are learning that math is inescapable and governs the world around us. Math is such an integral part of God’s amazing design for life, and my students are getting a grasp at the depth and importance math plays in our everyday lives,” said Mrs. Mize. “I am so fortunate to have the ability and access to wonderful real life projects and resources to take my students out of the classroom and expose them to a variety of different projects that connect math to all kinds of applications.”

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