Brook Hill Athletes Training With APEC

The summer months usually mean a time of rest and relaxation, unless you are an athlete, especially an athlete at Brook Hill.

This summer, Brook Hill has teamed with Bobby Stroupe and the training staff at APEC (Athletic Performance Enhancement Center), to ensure all athletes, male and female, have the opportunity to improve their overall physical strength and conditioning.

“This is a unique opportunity that our athletes have this summer to take advantage of the latest training techniques both in the weight room and as a part of the APEC Speed Camp,”  Brook Hill Athletic Director Wally Dawkins notes. “We are not leaving anything to chance for our athletes to get stronger and quicker over the summer.”

The Brook Hill Athletic Department and Brook Hill Headmaster Rod Fletcher determined in the spring that a program for BH Athletes during the summer was crucial, especially with all the Guard programs moving up a division into TAPPS Conference AAAA.

“Mr. Fletcher and I met in April and both made a strong commitment to provide our athletes the ability to improve this summer, instead of digressing,”  Dawkins adds. “The opportunity our athletes have this summer to better themselves is on the cutting edge of training with the partnership we have formed with APEC.”

The summer program is offered to all incoming 6th-12th grade male and female athletes.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, BH Athletes work out in the weight room, focusing on Strength Training with Coach Joe McGill, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, members of the APEC Staff conducts Speed Camp to improve quickness and acceleration.

“We are always looking at ways to get better,” Dawkins concludes. “We are not willing to rest on our past successes including numerous State Championships in AAA.  Our goal is to compete at a high level in every sport, both male and female. By offering our athletes this unusual opportunity, we are following through on that goal.”

Brook Hill begins football, volleyball, cross country, and cheerleading on August 4th.

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