Brook Hill prepares: Kayleigh Smith

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Kayleigh Smith graduated last year from Brook Hill, and has taken a moment to share her memories and how Brook Hill helped prepare her for life beyond our school. Scholarship dollars and the number of colleges to which our graduates are accepted are strong indicators of how well Brook Hill prepares students academically.But, the students’ own words are often the best indicators of additional preparation. Here is what Kayleigh has to say:

Kayleigh credits Austin Reed with turning her Bible class into one of the most memorable classes she took while at Brook Hill.

“I still remember things from that class that I use in my everyday life,” Smith said. “It affected my spiritual life so much!”  She added that Mr. Dement’s class helped identify her love of history.  She is now working toward becoming a history teacher! Kayleigh also mentioned how the Junior Retreat impacted her as she watched how the Lord worked in all their lives. It is a beautiful memory for her.

“Brook Hill encouraged me to not be lukewarm in my faith,” Smith said. “Everyone at Brook Hill encourages you to be in the Word and close to the Lord, but it’s kind of up to you to keep up that relationship at home. It definitely challenged my relationship with the Lord.”

But, thankfully, her great coaches Coach Wise, Coach Knight and Coach Simmons even today check up on her and ask about her faith and how she’s doing.