Brook Hill prepares: Samantha Anderson

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

The opening sentence in our mission statement says we provide excellence in a college preparatory education. I have the pleasure of sharing some of the stories of how Brook Hill has prepared students over these years.

Samantha Anderson, ’15, graduated Brook Hill as a Distinguished Scholar and headed to the University of Central Arkansas on a Volleyball Scholarship. Two years later she was named 2017 Southland Conference Player of the Year and helped bring a conference tournament championship to UCA.

I had the opportunity to catch up with this busy young lady recently and asked her to share how Brook Hill prepare her for college. Samantha said, “Brook Hill definitely prepared me for college. One obvious way is academics. I remember calling my mom the fall of my freshman year and telling her that my history teacher had been shocked at my writing compared to other students. I couldn’t believe it (because my brother Jake had always been the writer) but it truly is because of Brook Hill. There were students next to me struggling to write, while I was coming off of years of writing 5 paragraph essays and research papers. It truly prepared me, and helped me succeed at UCA.”

Over the next several weeks, we will be hearing more from Samantha and other alumni regarding how Brook Hill prepares its students for life beyond our school.