This semester our Brook Hill School of Business has been enjoying their new space in the Business Lab as they engage their passion for learning and hands-on development in the fields of marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, and business principals.


Though each class has a different focus, the foundation of applicable skill-building is one that Kelly King, our Department Chair for the Business School is committed to and has taken initiative to develop this semester as our program continues to grow.

Our classes have hosted guest speakers, performed customer interviews, analyzed leadership styles, presented products, developed pitches, and with each class, our goal is to deepen not only our love for learning but our understanding of how business works in the real world. Learning happens when the brain is engaged in making connections and we’re seeing that happen in our Business Lab!

In the past few weeks, we’ve had Meredith Hamlin, President, and CEO of Kyser Musical share about the many facets of running an international business and how to think about a company’s future. We’ve also welcomed Melanie Forbes who shared about her profession in court reporting and what it looked like to critically think about career decisions. Through regularly introducing our students to individuals who are excellent in their field we hope to broaden their scope of possibility and to give them a “real-world” connection and context outside of academia.

With each guest that we’ve hosted, our students have been given applicable next steps and an opportunity to develop their skills and business savvy. We’ve found that students learn best when they can relate to a subject – when they can connect the knowledge with seeing it impact their lives, or the lives of others in a meaningful way. We’re also drawing connections through our partnership with The Cabin Coffee House and Guard Shop as we engage with their business models and services through our curriculum.

Our School of Business is steadily equipping our students to pursue their passions after their time at Brook Hill and we’re so excited to see the growth of this department over the coming years!


Meredith Hamlin speaking to our Business Principals and Marketing classes about the realities of owning a business.

Our Entrepreneurship Class interviewing Brook Hill students in their target market to test out their solution demo for recent product pitches.

Melanie Forbes sharing with our Business Principals class.